Become as lovely & pure soul as the Father is


The “most sweetest” Father is changing this bitter world and making it sweet. You too have to remember the sweet Father and the inheritance and become the “most sweetest”.


What methods has the Father told you in order to make yourself perfect?


In order to make yourself perfect, check yourself with honesty:

1) What defects do I still have in me?

2) Do I cause anyone any sorrow throughout the day through my thoughts, words or deeds?

3) Do I make effort to remove the evil spirits by taking the current of remembering the Father?

4) As well as serving others, do I also serve myself?

5) For how long do I stay in remembrance of the Father and experience plenty of happiness? How satopradhan have I become?

Father repeatedly tells you children: Sweet children, consider yourselves to be bodiless and remember Me and I promise that with that remembrance, all your sorrow and suffering will finish and you will become ever healthy and ever wealthy. You will become most sweet. When you souls become sweet, you will also receive sweet bodies. You children should have the intoxication that you are the children of the most beloved Father and so you have to follow Baba’s shrimat. Very, very sweet Baba is making us very sweet. The most beloved Father says: Let only jewels always emerge from your lips; let no bitter stones emerge. To the extent that you become sweet, accordingly you will glorify the Father’s name. When you children follow the Father, others will follow you.

Sweet children, you are becoming valuable diamonds. Valuable diamonds and jewellery are always kept in a bank for safe-keeping. You Brahmin children are also valuable and are sitting safely in Shiv Baba’s bank. You know that all the people in the world are going to die. By staying in Baba’s safe, you become immortal; you conquer death. As soon as you belong to Shiv Baba,the Supreme Soul, you become safe. However, you have to make effort to claim a high status. No matter how much wealth people in the world have, all of that is going to finish; none of it will remain. You children do not have anything with yourselves now, not even those bodies. Give those to the Father too. It is as though those who have nothing have everything. You have made a bargain with the unlimited Father for the future new world.

Just as the Father is a very lovely, pure soul, so you also have to become pure like Him. Remember the Father with a lot of love. Baba, I do not want anyone else apart from You to be in front of me. No one is as lovely as the Father. Each one becomes a lover of that one Beloved. So, you have to remember that Beloved a lot. Baba has explained that a physical lover and beloved do not stay together, but once they have seen each other, that’s it. It isn’t that they even get married, no. The Father says: Sweet children, constantly remember Me alone and your boat will go across. We have so much love for the sweet Father through whom we become like diamonds. Remember the Father with a lot of love and become completely cool inside. You should have goose pimples. Remove whatever defects there are and become a pure diamond. If you have something lacking, even slightly, your value will be reduced. You have to make yourself into a valuable diamond. You must not forget to remember the Father but, instead, let remembrance harass you (such that you cannot stay without it). Say, “Baba, Baba” and become merged in love.


Only those who become detached and see every game as detached observers are true detached


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