Remember your new home of heaven

Om Shanti

That one is the same Mother and Father and He is once again teaching Raja Yoga to make everyone constantly happy. Just as a barrister gives knowledge on how to become a barrister, so, too, that unlimited Mother and Father, the Creator of heaven, now sits here and gives you children teachings on how to become the masters of heaven. There isn’t any other knowledge where God sits and teaches. Here, God, Himself, sits and teaches you in order to make you into gods and goddesses. In the golden age, Lakshmi and Narayan are called a god and goddess. Who made them into the masters of the new world? They were the masters of the golden age. In Bharat, (India),in the beginning of the golden age, there was the kingdom of deities. It is now the iron age and there is no longer the kingdom of deities. All the deities have changed and become poverty-stricken human beings. The deities were very wealthy and happy. Now, because it is the end of the iron age, all human beings are extremely unhappy. When the war begins, human beings will cry out in great distress; they will become homeless. Human beings have become orphans, because they do not know the Mother and Father who gives the happiness of heaven.  Human beings are not able to understand that God is only One; there cannot be thousands. There are many physical fathers. Even animals have physical fathers, but there is only the one Bestower of Salvation and Purifier for all……

The Sweet Father is telling His Sweet children, this old world is now to change. Therefore, have no love for it. Remember your new home of heaven.If you want to be constantly happy, let your heart belong to the one Father. Only remember the Father. The Father can never cause sorrow for His children.


for full Knowledge  of Raj Yoga((It is not  Physical Yoga, it is Study reach Golden Age,there is no other way, Scriptures will just not take you there as they are books written by human beings), Please Visit near by Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, in your Country/city.


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