Look within yourself

Look within yourself and remove any bad habits such as anger,jealousy,lust  etc. or any more vices from yourself. Look into yourself deep. Give deep thoughts  to your relationships. Do not think  that  you are always right.
Stay together like milk and sugar.  Don’t have any conflict.
Don’t listen to or speak of evil things. All of this means to have mercy for yourself. It is
through this that you receive unconditional love and respect and  a high status for birth after birth. Those who don’t have mercy for themselves cross out their line of happiness for many  births. Be true  to yourself. Imbibe   high values  and  try to live  by them. Your personality show  these  qualities  in all your  interactions  with the outside world  and your family, wife children and fellow human beings.

 Must You wear  values of  integrity,  honesty, sincerity, High principles,  authentic, living by what is  not acceptable to God, Society, family and  you yourselves.

Be truthful.

Avoid  lust and greed.

 Always try to  be positive and see the bright  aspects of life and your beliefs which will make  you  healthy,  peaceful and happy.

Give respect to elders, speak to them in good language and  shower love on small children. Do not  beat children and  wives. They are  so cute and lovely creatures  created by God  Himself to soothen  the  male ego, false pride, dishonesty and lust. See for yourselves how they stand out  smart and good in  these vices and lend a charm to life and many lives. Males  must learn to make  life happy and  peaceful.


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