In which aspect does the Supreme Father, the Lord of the Poor, make the poor children the same as Himself?

The  site  is dedicated to the knowledge of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul as given by Him. He has given this knowledge to His sweet Children  who have recognised Him, through  Brahma Baba. The  knowledge about  the Supreme  Soul  given by Himself, about the  soul  and  the world ages wheel, How does He do it and how the souls  take birth and rebirth, as told by the Supreme soul Himself only.

The knowledge about  the soul only can  transform our lives,who we are and make us understand from where we have come here on the earth, where do we go after death and in which place,location, country and in which family do we take birth and why, the values  of the previous birth, how do we  carry these values or  criminal or sinful   and bad habits  with us  in the next birth  and many many next births and how  do we  and when we can absolve ourselves of these bad habits and traits and inculcate new values for our  journey in this  world and  the next  one.

We are  stuck in many  kinds  of illusions  in the  present  Vicious World, the  need is  to get out  of  it through knowledge only. There is no other way out.

The  journey  of our life is the  journey of the  soul only, performed  through the various  organs  of  our body. To know this through Rajayoga Meditation and   heavenly knowledge continue reading and  please contact nearby Meditation centre in your city, I give below few  locations  of  centres/ Retreat centes in Germany, Italy, France today. The  study and  meditation is completely free  of charge  at these Godly centres. I will complete the  list of all  the centres in few days.

Raja Yoga Institut Brahma-Kumaris Deutschland e.V.

 Lindenau 7, 60433 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone+49 69 491846


Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University 

 Koberg 17, 23552 Lübeck, Germany

Phone+49 451 77054


Brahma Kumaris Schule für Raja Yoga Meditation

 Sigmaringer Str. 25, 10713 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 7813059
Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

Raja Yoga Institut Brahma Kumaris

Maienweg 130, 22297

Hamburg, Germany

+49 40 476651


Meditare a Milano – Brahma Kumaris Meditation center in Milan,

 Via Melchiorre Gioia, 67, 20124 Milano MI, Italy Phone: +39 02 3651 8618


Raja Yoga – Bkwsu – Centre Orfila

Yoga studio in Paris, France

Address: 74 Rue Orfila, 75020 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 58 44 27


Meditation center in the City of Brussels, Belgium

Address: Bus 8, Bld Bischoffsheim 39, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Phone: +32 2 463 38 27


Today I will  also explain  certain  examples or  some sentences which my foreign brothers-sisters may not  be  knowing.
 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Madhuban = Godly  HQ of Brahma Kumaris, where God Shiva Appeared and pronounced His  knowledge through His Medium Brahma Baba.

Sweet children, don’t be attracted to anything. Become complete beggars in relation to everything, including your bodies. Continue to remember the land of Shiva and the land of Vishnu.


In which aspect does the Father, the Lord of the Poor, make the poor children the same as Himself?


Baba says: Just as I am generous hearted and I take everything worth straws and give you the sovereignty, in the same way, although you children are poor, you must become generous hearted. Open a Godly University with just a little money. There is no expense in this. If even three or four people receive good fruit from it, it is great fortune for those who opened the centre. Simply remain obedient. Never defame the Satguru under the influence of lust or anger.

Om Shanti

BapDada and Mama; there are two mothers: Grandmother and mother. This one is your senior mother, but Jagadamba has become the instrument to look after the children. Shiv Baba is the One with many forms. He plays with you and entertains you a great deal. There is a lot of celebration. When a couple get engaged, they have a celebration and, before the wedding ceremony, both wear torn clothes and have oil rubbed on them. That custom is taken from here.

(These torn clothes refer to the custom   when  bride  or bridegroom are to be married, they wear old clothes and not new ones  as those  will be spoiled  and stained by the  oil  and  the paste  of  gram flour mixed  with mustard oil and  turmeric which  is  rubbed on  the parts  of  the  bodies  like  hand, face, legs and  neck of  the  boy and  the girl. This  is done  by all  the very near and  close relatives in order to  make  them  look  beautiful, gives them facial lift. It is  repeated 3 times a day for  about 3-5 days along with wedding songs and taunts and  then just imagine what happens.)

The Father explains to you children: Become complete beggars. If you don’t have anything, you will receive everything. Nothing should remain, not even your body. Connect your intellects in yoga to only the land of Shiva and the land of  Vishnu. Let there be no attraction to anything else.

Complete beggars= complete detachment with worldly attractions. It is the  soul which can become like that. It is  great experience.

Land  of  Shiva= The Soul  World where  all the souls   live along with  the Supreme Soul.

The  land of Vishnu= The  golden age, the land  of peace and prosperity.

You also definitely have to become pure. Look how much Meera is praised! She was not concerned about the opinion of society. She became so famous because of this purity. She didn’t even receive the nectar of knowledge. She just had love for Krishna. She renounced poison in order to go to the land of Krishna, just as a wife sacrifices herself on the funeral pyre of her husband. It wasn’t that, by remembering Krishna, Meera went to the land of Krishna. The land of Krishna didn’t exist at that time. Meera must have existed around five to seven hundred years ago. She was a very good devotee. That was why she must have taken birth to a good devotee. Her name continues to be remembered so much. That Meera was a devotee whereas all of you become Meeras of knowledge. You have come here to become sun-dynasty and moon-dynasty empresses.

Meera, a princess, was  an ardent devotee of  Lord Krishna in the 15th century who renounced everything worldly, completely detached  herself from  outer attractions  and became pure, physically,spiritually, religiously even though  the souls for the golden age  were not being transformed at that time. Baba says her purity is sung.

Baba says: You have to remain soul conscious for eight hours. Then, you may work for your livelihood. Stay awake at night and you will be able to experience very good love. There is an income in that. O children, who are conquerors of sleep, remember Me, your Father, in every breath! Churn the ocean of knowledge! Your sins will be absolved to the extent that you stay in yoga, day and night. You will earn an income according to how much you churn the ocean of knowledge. However, there is a lot of service to do.

 Each one’s karmic bondages are individual. If you have money, you can use that money in a worthwhile way for spiritual service. You children understand that there definitely are obstacles on this path of knowledge, because there is the question of purity. All of those who come to establish a religion definitely have to be pure. At this time, people are very dirty and impure. They create many obstacles; they even make false allegations. You mustn’t be afraid of those things. No matter what happens, you mustn’t become afraid. All of those allegations were also made 5000 years ago. There will be allegations made now too. They make up many false stories. When someone doesn’t receive a good response, he creates upheaval. Gradually, even sannyasis and saints etc. and those of all religions will come here. Everyone definitely has to take the Father’s knowledge.

Always seek blessings from the Supreme Father  by connecting  with him  in meditation and spread rays of peace into the world as an incarnation of peace.



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