Why are some children unable to imbibe knowledge even though this path is so easy?

Note: This post(Murli) is meant  for  study  by the  Surrendered children and  for those  who have  adopted to the path of  heavenly knowledge only. The devotees of the path of devotion(the Bhakti Marg) do not  understand much from the Godly knowledge. It is beyond  their comprehension. It takes time minimum 6 months to first study  this  knowledge at the centres and  then  understanding  develops. However, all can read and must continue to read if they understand it.

31/01/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Father has come to grant you such unlimited happiness that you will never need to ask for anything again. Simply conquer the five vices and you will become the masters of the world.


Why are some children unable to imbibe knowledge even though the path is so easy?


Disobedience.Because they are disobedient. The Father has the faith that all His children will glorify the name of the Brahmin clan, that they will help the Father to make Bharat into heaven. However, because some children repeatedly disobey the Father, they’re unable to imbibe this knowledge and their status thereby decreases. Baba says: Children, the ladder is a bit high. Therefore, continue to take shrimat at every step.

Om Shanti

Only once does the unlimited Father meet you children to give your unlimited happiness. Therefore, you don’t need to ask for anything else. On the path of devotion, devotees continue to beg from God, from deities and from sages and sannyasis. Once you attain the unlimited Father, you attain everything. The Father makes you into the masters of heaven; what more do you need? You should use your intellects. Lakshmi and Narayan of the sun dynasty receive the highest status of all in the human world. There is no status higher than that. Therefore, begging ends. There will also be subjects with Lakshmi and Narayan: as are the king and queen, so the subjects. Who gave them such a high status in heaven? The Father. When? At the confluence. No one else can give this.

You have to explain this drama very clearly. It is now the iron age. The golden age will come after this, and so who, other than the Father, can tell you this? The Father sits here and explains the secrets of the world cycle. Everything is at first new and then becomes old. In fact, the world also has stages. This old world is now tamopradhan. There is so much conflict among all religions. The Father says: It is My task to end all conflicts and establish one religion. While sitting in the body of Brahma, I, Myself, give you children My introduction and explain to you. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have subtle forms whereas human beings have corporeal forms, but the Supreme Soul, who is the Highest on High, has neither a subtle nor a corporeal form. He is called the incorporeal One. Souls are incorporeal, and so the incorporeal soul says, “My Father is also incorporeal.” He is the Father of all; everyone else has a bodily name. Lakshmi and Narayan have names. The subtle bodies of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar also have names. There is only the one incorporeal, Supreme Soul whose name is Shiva. He says: I, the Supreme Soul, make you children similar to Myself. Through Me, the Ocean of Knowledge, you also come to know the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world. I also make you into oceans of love. Deities are oceans of love; everyone loves them so much. The main knowledge is of the world cycle. The rest is of the incorporeal world and the subtle region.

The cycle is that of the world and it rotates around four ages. In the golden age you are 16 celestial degrees and then, by the silver age, you descend to 14 degrees. As you continue to take rebirth, the celestial degrees continue to decrease, so that the deity religion has now disappeared. There is not a single human being who could say that he belongs to the sun-dynasty clan. Those of all the other religions know about their own religion. The Father is now making you into the masters of heaven once again. At this time, the iron age is the impure world and only the Father can make it pure. This tree and cycle are like mirrors for the blind. As you progress further, when people see many others coming to you, they too will begin to come. When people see many customers in a shop, they also go inside because they think that the stock there must surely be good. That shop becomes famous. Here, you haven’t yet become that famous because this is something new. In Bombay, many people go to Chimiyananda. He is also mentioned in the newspapers. Here, as soon as people hear that they have to remain pure, they become confused. They think: It is impossible for a man and woman to live together and remain pure; it is cotton wool and fire. They say that women are the gateway to hell, and that they will go to hell by living with them. However, they do not consider themselves to be the gateway to hell. So human beings find this difficult. However, you are given the temptation here to become the masters of heaven if you conquer the five vices.


In Bombay, a child who used to come had a lot of conflict at home because he had made a vow of purity. A daughter who came to class was told by her brother: If you go there, you will be beaten. That daughter said: I have been ordered by the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, to make the residents of hell into the residents of heaven. I will not give up my work just because you say so. You can do whatever you want. There are very few daughters as courageous as her. In some cases, it is the women who cause a lot of problems because of vice. However, those who are brave warriors gain victory. There are such courageous males as well as females. To live with your family and remain pure is even better. It is they who are called maharathis. Although there are some who remain celibate in this birth, they still have the sins of their past births on their heads. There isn’t just the vice of lust, but there are many other sins committed too. If there is body consciousness, sins are definitely committed. How could people who eat meat and drink alcohol grant salvation? Salvation means to attain peace and happiness. Here, you are unhappy and impure; that is why you adopt a guru. Peace exists in the land of nirvana. There is happiness in heaven and sorrow in hell. Only the Father explains these things. Therefore, you should become His worthy children and claim your inheritance. You now have to return, and so you definitely have to become pure. Even at the time of someone dying, they say to him: Remember God and you will go up above and not have to return. However, that is not so. No one knows who can give the mantra to go up above.

Baba says: I come and free you from this Maya. The more you try to free yourself, the more trapped you become. Therefore, follow My shrimat. Stop following the devilish directions of your own minds. To follow the dictates of your own minds means you are making effort to become degraded. Eventually you fall. The Father can know all of this from each one’s behaviour. When people go on a pilgrimage, it is easy to know when someone is ill and that he will be unable to tolerate the cold. He himself would say: I am tired; my back is breaking. Therefore, it is understood from that, that perhaps it is also not in his fortune. All of these matters are unlimited. When children put shrimat aside and follow the dictates of their own minds, their behaviour changes. Then, instead of jewels, stones emerge from their mouths and they lose whatever they had accumulated. Baba says: May no child become like that! Maya gets hold of maharathis too in such a way, don’t even ask! Baba receives news of that. They write: So and so was moving along very well, but Maya, the cat, has now caught her. If she does not come, send her a photo of herself and write: You made a promise. Now, look at your face in the mirror. Ask yourself: Are you worthy of marrying Lakshmi or Narayan? Maya is such that, from being worthy, she makes you unworthy. When they fall, they erase the lines of their fortune. Body consciousness is very powerful: “I am wealthy”, “I am so-and-so”. They very quickly become body conscious. They do not even obey the unlimited Father. This can only be called the drama. It then has to be written to the children: Give them the life-giving herb. Read them a murli so that the omens can be removed. We are all on Shiv Baba’s service.



May you stabilize your mind in an elevated position and finish the game of changing poses and thereby become an easy yogi.


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