Father has two types of Children-What is the difference between the two?

“Become a carefree emperor with the awareness that the Father is Karavanhar (One who inspires everyone) and continue to experience the flying stage.”

08/01/18 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the more you relate knowledge to others, the more knowledge will become refined in your intellects. Therefore, definitely do service.


What two types of children does  Father have? What is the difference between the two?


The Father has stepchildren and real children. Stepchildren simply say, “Baba, Mama”, through their mouths, but they are unable to follow shrimat fully; they don’t surrender themselves fully. Real children completely surrender themselves with their bodies, minds and wealth, that is, they become trustees. They continue to follow shrimat at every step. Because of not doing service, stepchildren fall while moving along; they develop doubts. Real children have full faith in their intellects.

Om Shanti

The Father explains to the children.  In fact, both fathers: one is the spiritual Father who is called Baba and the other is the physical father who is called Dada. Children at all the centres know that they are the children of BapDada. Shiva is the spiritual Father. He is the Father of all of you souls and Brahma Dada is the head of the human genealogical tree. You have come and become his children. Some of you are truly real children whereas others are still stepchildren. Both say “Mama, Baba”, but stepchildren are unable to surrender themselves. Those who don’t surrender themselves are unable to receive that much strength, that is, they’re unable to make the Father the trustee of their bodies, minds and wealth. They’re unable to follow His shrimat in order to become elevated. Real children receive subtle help, but there are very few of those. Although there are real children, not until the results are announced would they also be called really firm ones. Although they even live here and are very good and also do service, even they still fall. This is all a question of the intellect’s yoga.

You mustn’t forget Baba. Baba is making this Bharat into heaven with the help of you children. The Shiv Shakti Army is remembered. Each one of you has to talk to yourself: We are truly the adopted children of Shiv Baba. We are claiming our inheritance of heaven from the Father. The inheritances we have been receiving from the copper age from physical fathers were only those of hell. We continued to become unhappy. On the path of devotion, there is just blind faith and since devotion began and as the years passed we have only continued to come down.

Devotion too was at first unadulterated. They used to worship only the One. Now, instead of that, they worship many. None of the rishis, munis, sages or holy men know when devotion began. The night and day of Brahma is mentioned in the scriptures. Although Brahma and Saraswati become Lakshmi and Narayan, they have mentioned Brahma’s name. Together with Brahma there are also many children. There wouldn’t be many children of Lakshmi and Narayan; he would not be called Prajapita. New people are being created now. The new creation (people) are Brahmins. It is Brahmins who consider themselves to be the children of God. Deities would not consider themselves to be that; they are not even aware of the cycle. You know that you have now become the children of Shiv Baba. He has explained to us the cycle of 84 births. With His help, we are once again making Bharat into the pure, divine Rajasthan (Land of Kings). This is something to be clearly understood. One needs courage to explain this. You are the Shiv Shakti Pandava Army. You are also guides: you show everyone the path. No one, apart from you, can show the path to the spiritual, sweet home. Those guides take you to Amarnath or to some other pilgrimage place. You BKs take everyone very far away from everything to the supreme abode (paramdham). Those are physical guides who make you stumble around. You take everyone to the Father in the land of peace. Therefore, you always have to remember: We are once again making Bharat into the divine Rajasthan.

There used to be the original, eternal, deity religion in Bharat. In the golden age, Bharat was the unlimited pure, divine land of kings (Rajasthan). It then became the pure warrior Rajasthan. Then, when Maya came into existence, it became the devilish Rajasthan. Here, too, there were kings and queens who used to rule at the beginning. However, the kingdom that has continued is one without the crown of light. After the deity Rajasthan, it became an impure, devilish Rajasthan. It is now a land of impure people; it is a Rajasthan where people rule people. In fact, it cannot be called Rajasthan; they have just given it that name. There are no kingdoms now. This drama is predestined. This picture of Lakshmi and Narayan will be very useful to you. You have to explain using it: Bharat was double crowned like this. It used to be the kingdom of this Lakshmi and Narayan. They were Radhe and Krishna in their childhood. Then, in the silver age, it became the kingdom of Rama. Then, Maya came in the copper age. This is very easy. The history and geography of Bharat is explained in a nutshell. It was in the copper age that the temples to the pure King Narayan and Queen Lakshmi were built. The deities themselves went onto the path of sin. They began to become impure. They then built temples to the pure deities who had existed and they began to worship them. It is impure ones who bow down to pure ones. There were kings and queens until the British Government came. Even landowners used to take the title of king or queen, through which they would receive respect at court. Now, no one is a king. When they began to fight among themselves, those of Islam came. You children know that it is now once again the end of the iron age. Destruction is just ahead.

You must never forget the Father. Little children remember their father a great deal, and then, when they grow up, they remember wealth. You also receive wealth which you have to imbibe very well and then donate to others. Become complete philanthropists. I personally come in front of you and teach you Raja Yoga. You studied that Gita for birth after birth and there was no attainment. I am giving you these teachings here in order to change you from ordinary man into Narayan. That is the path of devotion. A handful out of multimillions will emerge here who will be part of your deity clan. They will definitely come here to become Brahmins. Some would become kings and others would become subjects. Among those too, some would become those who are amazed on hearing the knowledge, relate the knowledge to others and then run away. There is very severe punishment for those who become children and who then divorce the Father. The punishment is severe. At this time, none of you can say that you have constant remembrance. If you do say this, you should send your written chart to Baba and Baba would understand that you are using your body, mind and wealth in serving Bharat.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Become a great donor of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Serve Bharat with your body, mind and wealth to make it into heaven.

2. Don’t perform any destructive actions. Practise having constant remembrance.


May you be a constant yogi with a true relationship of the heart who makes accurate, spiritual endeavour.

Spiritual endeavour means having powerful remembrance and a true relationship of the heart with the Father. Just as when you sit in yoga, you sit very still physically, similarly, let your heart, mind and intellect all sit down with the Father and be focused on the Father: this is accurate, spiritual endeavour. If there isn’t such spiritual endeavour, then there are prayers. Sometimes, you have remembrance and sometimes you make complaints. In fact, there is no need for complaints in remembrance. Those whose hearts have a relationship with the Father become constant yogis.


Become a carefree emperor with the awareness that the Father is Karavanhar (One who inspires everyone) and continue to experience the flying stage.

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