Ask yourself to what extent you have imbibed divine virtues

Ask yourself to what extent you have imbibed divine virtues


Let you   be  a master of the self  and make all your physical senses work under your orders and conquer the Satan. 


Ask yourself to what extent you have imbibed divine virtues. Unless you imbibe divine virtues, you cannot  go to the golden age.  To imbibe divine virtues means to conquer the Satan/ Ravan. So, analyse yourself to what extent you have become a divine soul.  No one can become a  divine soul unless  the effect of divine virtues reflect from your personality, your language and your  overall behavior. It means conquering your anger. It means conquering your   eyes. It means conquering your anger. The eyes  are the most   dangerous. There were no Satan in  the Golden Age. It is said that there was the kingdom of Rama, but there can’t have been just one Rama who ruled the kingdom. 

You mustn’t be concerned about the storms of Maya. Remember the Father whenever you have time and  when Maya tries to overpower you.  If you remember the Father, your sins will be cut away. You mustn’t commit any sins. Otherwise, they will accumulate one hundredfold. You do one  wrong  action, and it gets multiply and its bad effects also multiply many fold. If you don’t ask for forgiveness, they will increase and eventually everything will be ruined.

The Satan is  very powerful


The Satan is  very powerful  and it  will make you commit sin after sin.  You are totally in the grip of  Maya and unmindful of  its consequences  you continue  the journey of sin. Your intellect is under shackles, it has no power to discern and  take a decision according to Godly Advice.  If  His children continue to be  in sinful life, there would then be disrespect for the unlimited Father. Many are unaware of this. Baba always explains,  Always consider it to be Shiv Baba speaking and Shiv Baba giving directions so that you remember Him and are also afraid of Him. You should tell Baba clearly, “Baba, I made this mistake.” Baba explains, There is a huge burden of sin on your head. Tell Baba about everything you have done. Half will be reduced by telling Baba the truth. Baba has explained that the one who becomes the number one charitable soul then becomes the number one sinful soul.” Baba Himself says, This is the last of your many births. You were charitable souls. You have now become sinful souls and you once again have to become charitable souls. You have to benefit yourselves. Baba further explained that there is no need for you to bow down here. Simply remember the Father. 

The Father now says: Go and explain at the Churches and  temples  and Mosques. You worship  human beings. He too was a human being.  You go and sing praise in front of them and  say loudly,” You are viceless and full of all virtues, whereas I am a degraded sinner. These are human bodies (now) and those too are human bodies (deities), but those bodies have divine virtues and so they are deities. You yourselves say that you have devilish traits and so you are like monkeys. The features of the two are similar but the characters are different. The people of Bharat were crowned. Now they have no crowns; the people of Bharat are now poor. The Father comes in Bharat. The Father comes in the place where heaven is to be created. If those of other religions say something, they are only following the people of Bharat. Because they are those with stone intellects, they also say that He is in the pebbles and stones. They don’t know the Father at all and they don’t know that He enters this one and makes Bharat crowned (the highest). He serves Bharat so much! The Father says: You defame Me and I make you into the masters of the world. You defame Me so much. The Satan/ Ravan has completely destroyed your common sense. You have reached a very bad state and this is why you call out to the Purifier. The explanation you are given is so easy and yet many of you children forget this. If you don’t have yog, you’re unable to imbibe this. This is why Baba says: Those in bondage remember the Father the most. They also tolerate a lot in remembrance of Shiv Baba. Only the people of Bharat who are to become deities will come here that is  in gthe Spiritual fold of the  Baba.

At the top of the tree, there are branches and twigs of those who hardly take two or three births. Many people wonder how the world would continue without vice. Oh! but the deities are called completely viceless. No one understands that vice doesn’t exist there. Those of the previous cycle will understand this very quickly. It is remembered that God says,” Lust is the greatest enemy, but no one knows when God said this. Baba tells His chosen ones,”You children are now becoming the conquerors of the world, but effort has to be made to claim a high status.”  

The Father says: While living at home, simply connect your intellects in yog(connection) to Me. Now that you belong to the Father, there should be love for the Father. Have love for others just in name. Let your intellects be concerned about how to make the poor into residents of heaven and how to show them the way to go on the true pilgrimage. Those are physical pilgrimages that you have been going on for birth after birth. This is the only pilgrimage of remembrance. Our 84 births have now come to an end and the history of the golden age has to repeat again. All the Souls have  to  return Home after  playing their part at the  end of the cycle.

Impure ones cannot go back home

Impure ones cannot go back home. The Purifier Father is needed to make us pure. Although sannyasis become pure, they cannot go back home. Only the Father takes everyone back home. The Father comes and liberates us all from Ravan and makes us free. There is nothing in the golden age that causes sorrow. The very name is the land of happiness. This is the land of sorrow. That is the ocean of milk whereas this is the ocean of poison. You now know how they live in heaven with so much happiness and comfort. No one knows how you come out of the ocean of milk and go into the ocean of poison. The Father tells us to follow directions and that He is then responsible. He says,” You may go and look after your children.  Continue to buzz this knowledge to them so that they can be benefited a little and go to heaven. The Father comes and changes you from residents of hell into residents of heaven. Only you have this in your intellects. People don’t know anything.” 

You are attaining a kingdom


Father says,”You are attaining a kingdom while living at home. All of you have come here to seek refuge. Those people believe that they are sitting in heaven. There is the pomp of Maya in the world. How could heaven exist unless hell is destroyed? The people influenced by Maya consider this to be heaven. Baba has to make so much effort to establish the new world. All are complete residents of hell. They don’t become residents of heaven at all!  

“Become your own teacher and all  your  weaknesses will automatically finish.”

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