Do Not Perform Any Action That Would Bring Dishonor

Do Not Perform Any Action or  actions That Would Bring Dishonor



“I will not  perform any action or  actions  that would  bring  dishonor  to me  and bring me  punishment, when I face  my Father in the Heavens. I  will not  face  the Purgatory. I  Will not be afraid  of the  Satan(The Maya, The Ravan) and  the storms of Maya will not  shake my faith  and  Remembrance  of  the Father, any time.  I have true love for the one Father.”

The Supreme Father says, my own Children forget me

Children stay in the remembrance of the  Physical Father by themselves. No one  teaches them to  do that. The Supreme Father says, my own Children forget me and do not remember me. What  is  Father’s  direction in this regard? The Father’s direction is: Remember the Father while walking, talking, sitting and moving,  eating  breakfast, lunch, dinner etc and  all the day  around.  Sleep  in the remembrance of the  Father. Close your eyes when on the Bed and visualize  the Supreme Father and bring  Him near  to you. “Father says I am the  servant  of my children. Father is     Servant . It  is  wonderful.  You will wonder and say, What is this. But  this  is absolutely true. There is no difference  between  this father  that Father. Both are caring  and loving. Both are  Servants of their  /sweet Children. If you love Him, only  then realisation will dawn upon  only those  who are really His children, for others  it may  be matter  of no importance. He  is  the Supreme servant of  the Children. Remembrance  of  the Father will uplift you. You will then conquer Ravan, the Maya, who made you impure. You are not given any weapons  to conquer this battle. You conquer Ravan with just the power of yoga, (the  eternal and  divine connection with  the Supreme Soul. You definitely have to gain victory and that is attained at the confluence age when the kingdom of Ravan ends and the kingdom of Rama, The God, , The Pure is ushered in  or is  established.The Golden Age is so sweet. The Father can never teach you violence. The supreme religion of the deities is that of non-violence. Ancient India was called a Golden Sparrow because it was wealthy, prosperous and  peaceful and  a place  where divinity ruled. It  had spiritual and religious   ascendancy …

Victory  Over  Five  Vices

The world doesn’t know that the violence of the sword of lust doesn’t exist there.Where? In the  Deity World. Those who became viceless in the previous cycle will accept what is  taught to them or  What you read here in these pages  or what the  Brahma  Baba  tells us. Brahma  Baba  says, “You are now on a battlefield. You are incognito warriors and each one of you is doing everything for yourself. Become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world! You are doing everything for yourselves which means you are doing it for your land of Bharat. Bharat was pure in  the Deity World. It  was  Those who make very good effort in this will receive something. Those who are victorious over the five vices will become conquerors of the world. You don’t have to conquer anything else. You have to conquer the kingdom of Ravan, that is, you have to imbibe divine virtues. Unless you imbibe divine virtues, you cannot go to the golden age. So, ask yourself to what extent you have imbibed divine virtues. To imbibe divine virtues means to conquer Ravan. It is said that there was the kingdom of Rama, but there can’t have been just one Rama who ruled the kingdom. There must also have been subjects. Here, the king, the queen and the subjects are all conquering Ravan. They are imbibing divine virtues. Your food and drink, your way of speaking etc. are all pure when you have divine virtues. Speak the truth about everything. 

You may be telling lies, yet you may not be afraid of anyone in the world, but you should definitely be afraid of this Father. To be afraid of Him means to be saved from performing sinful actions. Therefore,  always Speak Truth. Truth has no fear. It is always victorious.

Be  Honest and Truthful

The Father is the Truth.  So you have to be so honest and truthful to such a Father. If you are not truthful, your state becomes very bad.  You become polluted.You have to reach an elevated state. You have to become a deity from an ordinary man and from an ordinary woman. It is said, “Only You know Your ways and means.” You receive such a high status by following the directions that the Father gives you. The highest-on-high Father enables you to claim the highest state. Therefore, now follow Supreme Directions and imbibe divine virtues. The sins of many births can’t be cut away without the power of yoga. A very good pilgrimage of remembrance is needed for this. You will be able to have very good remembrance at amrit vela, the early morning period between 3.00 AM -5 AM. The atmosphere is very conducive  and positive  at that time. No matter how much you sit during the day, there is no other time like that of amrit vela. Everything of ours is incognito. Our war is with the Satan, The Ravan. He is the number one enemy. The community of Rama will conquer  once again,  the community of Ravan by following Supreme Directions. The Father is the Almighty Authority. The poor world is in complete darkness at this time. They don’t know that they have been defeated. They have been defeated by Maya. No one even knows what Maya is.

There was the kingdom of Ravan over the whole of Lanka, (The present day Sri Lanka). They have written so many tall stories of the path of devotion in the scriptures. You have been reading those for birth after birth. Even now they say that you should read the scriptures, that those who don’t study them are called atheists. The Father says: By studying the scriptures, all of you have become atheists. No  one has achieved salvation through scriptures. When Bharat was satopradhan( pure and  and having all the seven virtues of the soul), it was called heaven. Those same people of Bharat have become impure and tamopradhan(Totally degenerated having lost all teh 7 virtues of the soul) while taking 84 births, and so how can they now become pure? The Father says: Remember Me and you will become satopradhan  and  pure.  

Don’t remember any bodily beings. Don’t make anyone your guru. It is said in the scriptures: There is extreme darkness without a guru. There are so many gurus now, yet so much darkness! why? All of them lead you into darkness.  They cannot take us out of darkness. They, rather push us deep in such a darkness of  rituals and worships that  there is no way out  of that abyss.

The Father says: When the Sun of Knowledge rises, extreme darkness is dispelled.  Only knowledge can dispel  the  darkness. Spirituality  teaches us that. When God Himself  entered  the physical body of Brahma Baba and gave him this unlimited knowledge then things  became  so much clear. Although sannyasis become pure, they still took birth through vice. Deities are not born through vice. Here, everyone’s body is like impure, dirty clothes. The Father washes such dirty impure clothes. Father is the greatest (Dhobi) Washer-man .  You have to make effort to make the soul pure so that you also receive pure bodies in the new World. Check yourself to see that you are not performing any bad actions. God’s laws are very strict.  When someone does something bad, the punishment for that is also very severe.

Karmic Accounts

It is the time of settlement. All karmic accounts have to be settled with the power of love and knowledge. If you don’t settle them, punishment will have to be experienced. It is then said: Punishment is received together with a small reward. Everyone is going to receive a small reward. Everyone will be given the reward of liberation and liberation-in-life. Some pass with honours, some will experience punishment and then receive a small reward with no honour; they will not be able to sit on the throne. If you perform bad actions, you will be dishonoured, and that too, in front of the Father! You will feel  ashamed, bad actions will be replayed before you, will be  rewinded and again replayed as to what  you were upto at that time. You may not like it ! That is your karma.

Father has  explained to we Children so much. He says,” you will be given visions and you will receive visions.   “I come in the perfect one. I am now in the perfect Brahma. You children go to the perfect Baba. Baba will give you visions of how, He used to sit in this one and teach you and explain to you: Imbibe divine virtues and do service. Don’t defame anyone. There will have to be punishment for whatever sins you have committed. Some experience a lot of punishment and others less. That too is number-wise.  As much as possible, continue to cut your sins away with the power of spiritual/divine Connection( yog). The greatest concern that you children should have is how to become completely real gold. While walking and moving around, it should remain in your intellects that you will claim a high status according to how much you stay in remembrance. 

God’s laws are very strict. If, after becoming a pure, you continue to make small mistakes, the punishment will be very severe. Therefore, Baba says: Check yourself.If any old karmic accounts remain, you will receive a small  roti (reward) together with the slipper (punishment).The time of settlement is now very close.Therefore, settle all your karmic accounts with the power of yog. The Confluence  age  is the Golden period  for  settling  Karmic  accounts of previous births and  bad actions of this birth. The Confluence Age  is the  gateway to the  Golden age. The world  does not know

 about  this age. 


        “In order to reach an elevated state, remain honest and true to the true Father. Don’t hide anything. Come clean  and Clear.”

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