Unique World drama


Start  Your  Day With This  Affirmation:

 “I start my day with sweet remembrance   of the Sweet Father,  Who fills me  with happiness and  I  distribute  this  happiness  to  others  so  that they stay  happy as well.”

The Supreme Father  is  the Supreme  Soul. He  is  the Father  of  us  all the Souls . The  souls  care coming  down to earth from  the soul  world. The  stock  of  the  souls  with  the   supreme  soul is  not  unlimited.  There is a  quota  for  every stage and  every  age.

Consider  this divine thought:

In the  New World, the Golden  Age or  Sat-yuga,  there is  a  population  of  9.0 lacs only to start with. The  Silver Age  has  not more than 33 crores or 330 million population. Then  ends  the  half  of the  World  Drama. The  Bronze  Age  is the  Age of  The Satan(Maya or Ravana) In this Age population continue  to  rise manifold and  goes up  to 100 crores.

In  the  Iron Age, The  souls  starts  descending  very fast  in the  iron age. Now  almost 80% all the  souls  have   come down to earth   to play their  parts in the  universe , where  this  Unique   World  drama  of the Unlimited  Father is  going  on  unabated. The population  in  this  Age  can go up to 12.50 billions  before  end  comes and  the  cycle of the Ages  restarts afresh.

The  Souls  are  playing  their parts

 The  Souls  are  playing  their parts  as per  the Script  of the Supreme  Soul.    He  is   the  Script Writer, Producer, Director, Editor and  Cameraman   and  the Choreographer  of  this  World  Drama.

All   We  children   are playing  our roles on this   stage  which  is eternal and divine.

Witness  this   drama from very close  as  real  witness. You are  soul  and  not  a body.  Your  Soul  is playing  this eternal drama of the Unlimited  Father. Play  your  part in utmost faith, sincerity, love, and full of  bliss and  be   honest with  the  Unlimited  Father who has  created  this drama.

You  must  imbibe  this, above  written  spiritual  tip that  we  are souls.  You are soul. You  are  a unique  wonder  of the  creator and  witness  this  magic  being  unfolded   in your life  and  your   family  and relatives. See  this  fully  detached  stage of  life. Make  your  soul satopradhaan i.e.  Powerful  and  fully  charged   with spiritual love, knowledge and purity. The  soul  comes  here  alone but  plays  the part  with other  partners. These partners  are his family members, friends   his neighbors  and all those  with whom it  comes into contact with.

Imbibe  the   virtues  of  the Supreme father in your  character and  personality. Your  mind  and intellect should  always churn His  Divine Spirit and  energy in you. Fill yourselves with  this  Energy. Charge your   Soul with this energy which will  guide you further  elevation  in the  course of life.  God is called the creator . He is of  Love, the ocean of knowledge, ocean of Purity,  the ocean of bliss,  the ocean of happiness, the ocean of mercy,and much more.

He is the truth.  He is the Light and Might. He is the Almighty and  Supreme Authority.He is also the liberator, the guide, the  friend , a Supreme Teacher,and the bestow-er of salvation, He dispels sorrow, bestows joy. God is perfect in all ways and absolutely detached and loving. He is very benevolent and helpful and so souls ask all things from Him. When in sorrow and losing all hope, souls turn to Him intuitively and inevitably. The  world is jungle  of  sorrows and sufferings of deprivation, Poverty, Helplessness. All the  Souls  are looking  for  peace but  the peace  is very rare commodity. No one  is  going  to get it. We will get this  and much more  in  the  New World, The Golden  Age.

The  love  and peace will  prevail,  when we live in  the awareness that  we  are  the   souls and embodiment of peace  and love and we are giving blessings  of love and peace  to all  to the  suffering  humanity. The father is seeing all of His creation.

In  such  a   time  and clime to  alleviate  the sorrows  and sufferings, it   is  worthwhile to become an embodiment of soul consciousness and the sparkle of being fortunate will then be visible on your face. It is  possible  only  if  we  try to  treat ourselves as Soul and  the  real son of  the  Supreme Soul. Practice  it  daily  and write  down on  your  copy or  diary  that  “I  am  A soul” many times  till it becomes  part of  your  personality and character.  After that  you will reach a stage  where  you can give  vibrations  of   goodness, love  and happiness  to  the  suffering souls  who are in  extreme Pain.


Donate  your  vices  to the  Supreme  Soul. After  having donated the vices, do not take them back. Your words should always be benevolent and you should become very sweet. Remain an ocean of love and equal to the Father.


I continue  writing………………………


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