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Write a good Article on it  or  Write an Essay  “On your own  Life And Times”. Do Not keep The Pages Blank! Adopt  a good theme.




 “If you ever perform a wrong action, even by mistake, then write OR TELL   SHIV Baba or JEHOVA, about it immediately. If you tell Baba with honesty, the effect of it will be reduced. Otherwise, it will continue to increase. As soon as Baba receives news, He will give directions to reform that.In order to reform your actions, always remain honest with the true Father.This  is  the  method Father   has  explained   to we  children in order to  reform  our actions and perform elevated actions. This  is  the   only way.”

REMEMBER , …………….. This  is the World  of Relationships of the Souls.


(There  are  conversations  of God Shiva  in Between this  article.  Read  and rejoice and  feel  happy):

We all are  students  here in this  life cycle in this world.  The  world  is a school. Shiv Baba asks we children through Brahma Baba: What   are you doing here?  You  are sitting  here since this morning?  We  confirmed  to Shiv Baba  that we are students  and  waiting  here for the teacher to come. So, while sitting here, do you  think  Shiv  Baba  will come  and  teach you?   Is it so? You would definitely  be thinking that Shiv Baba has come to teach us. That is  right.

God Shiva  further  asked us, “Are you sitting  here with the thought that you are becoming the masters of the land of Vishnu or do you remember your responsibilities, children and business etc?  What is  on your  mind ? OK.

Through this study  of the  Supreme  Soul we children  will become part of the sun dynasty because we are studying Raja Yoga( The way to stabilize  in the  God Shiva).  (we will have some sessions on Raj Yoga later on.. ) The  Sun Dynasty is the  first dynasty of the New World.

 It should remain in our intellects that this is the study place of the Holy  Shiv Baba, that He  is, The Supreme Father,  is teaching we children  and that we will become Kings  and queens of the New World and become Kings  and queens of the Clan  or members of their clan.  Father  says, ‘It should remain in the intellects of you children that you listen directly to Baba and become members of the sun-dynasty clan.”

In the  New World, It should be our rule, so, it will then be our kingdom. The people  of the world, none of them knows what heaven is. You understand that you are learning how to rule the kingdom of heaven from  Shiv Baba. We are the ones who are going to become the masters of heaven. Churn this within yourselves. It remains in the intellects of students at school that they are studying to become barristers or engineers. Do you remember what you are studying or do you even forget that? You are students of God, the Highest on High! The Father is teaching you in order to make you into highest-on-high deities and you are His children. Are you souls remembering your future status through your bodies or are you remembering physical relations and possessions and business etc? When you come here, you should understand that the unlimited Father comes here to teach you to make you into the masters of the unlimited. Then, whether you become kings, queens or subjects is up to you. 

By  study  of  the  Supreme Soul,  we souls, at least   become masters. There will only be the sun dynasty throughout the new world. You understand that you will rule your kingdom. Baba knows that children are unable to remember Baba that much when they stay outside and look after their fields etc. When you become,  of  one  father  and  come to His  Birth place here, you have to leave behind all your thoughts about everything. You are no longer in that iron-aged world. You are now at the confluence age. You have to renounce  the iron age. Outside is the iron age. do not  become  an ugly part of   the outside world, because it  is so cruel and brutal, ruthless. If  You are  His  child, You shouldn’t have  any concern with the iron age.

You have come here at the confluence age, where Baba speaks to you directly.  The confluence age  will have  to  be understood in its  true meaning and that  is possible  only through Raj Yoga  study. It is the  confluence  age  when Shiv  Baba  comes  here  and teach  we  children and He catapults  us impures  into pure souls and take  us  away along with  Him.


Previously, you used to remember many deities, not only that You were  remembering every one who was  not even  worth the name.. Now Shiv Baba says to you personally: Remember Me! The picture of the Trimurti is very good. Always have this picture in your pocket. Continue to look at it over and over again and you will be able to remember Baba.

 There is now a lot of attainment from Baba. You have to remember Him alone. However, it is in this that Maya, the Satan,  opposes you. You listen to and speak a lot of knowledge, and become clever in that. You do not say that you forget the cycle of  births. It isn’t even that those who are living here remember Baba a lot more. No, even while living here, all the things that some remember are worth nothing. It is as though they don’t even know the Father  for  whom they have come here  in order to become beautiful. There is a great shadow of Maya, the Satan, looming  large on the children.

 The main thing is remembrance.  Many very good children don’t stay in remembrance. It is only by staying in yoga(The subtle connection with God) that your body consciousness will be reduced and you will become very sweet. Because of being body conscious, you can’t become sweet and you continue to get upset.

You go to the land of liberation for a short time and then come down to act your parts. You play all-round parts. Always remember this. We now have to return home. By remembering Baba we will become satopradhan(pure and powerful) from tamopradhan( sinful action of  iron age). Here, you mustn’t remember your business etc. Here, you are totally in the confluence age. You are now sitting in a boat. Some get off on the way and then get trapped and die. There is a story about this in the scriptures. You know that you are now going across to the other side and that Shiv Baba is the Boatman.  The bodily Lords or  deities  cannot be called the Boatman or the Master of the Garden.

God Shiva speaks, “I am Shiv  and I  am  who is the Purifier.” Your intellects mustn’t go to  deities or anyone  else who came here  in the World in the Human Body. People’s intellects constantly wander around. It is  the Supreme Father  who  comes and frees you from wandering around. He simply says: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me and you will become the masters of heaven. You shouldn’t forget these things. You go back from here very refreshed.

We also relate our experiences  to others  but  they will not  believe you.   As soon as we see the faces of our friends and relatives, we are tempted.  While doing  work, remember the Beloved and you will claim a high status. If you don’t make effort now, you won’t even receive a single penny. When children come here, they shouldn’t waste their time. There isn’t anything else here.There are some obedient, worthy children. Those who stay in yoga(connection) are said to be worthy children. They never say wrong things. They forget their friends and relatives. We came  here bodiless and have to return home bodiless.  Baba  says,” You children have now received the third eye of knowledge with which you know your home and also your kingdom. You also know that Shiv Baba is not a black oval-shaped image, as is shown, but that He is a point.” We know this. We have now to go back home where we shall remain bodiless. We now have to become bodiless. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Purifier Father. It is explained that you souls are imperishable and that you have parts of  all the births recorded within you which have no end. This  part is  sublime and continue  to play and continue  to repeat incessantly, cycle  after cycle as per the  godly  script.  


Practice becoming fully bodiless. Don’t say any wrong things. Become very sweet. Don’t become upset about anything. Remember to churn the ocean of knowledge, the  Supreme One.  Hold  fast  to  His  remembrance.

May you consider yourself to be responsible and perform every deed accurately in the right way and become an embodiment of complete success.

 I   continue  writing………………



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