Stay in Remembrance of The Father and You Would Never Perform Any Wrong Action.

 Maintain the concern to become pure from impure. Constantly stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba, The Supreme  Father. He has many names. You should not have criminal eyes and  should  avoid  physical attraction(corruption)  for one another. .If you stayed in remembrance of the Father, you would never perform any wrong action.

Songs  on the path of Devotion

There are many songs sung on the path of devotion. Eventually, all of these songs will be stopped because there is no need for them. It is remembered that you receive an inheritance from the Father in  your previous lives. You know that you receive the inheritance of liberation-in-life from unlimited Baba. Liberation-in- life means to be liberated from this land of sorrow and corruption.  But  you   have  no awareness of  all this.

It needs to be  explained  to  any one  new, you come  in contact with , the aim and objective very well for the  coming  New World.  The first thing  is  introduction of God, the Highest on High. People ask you what your aim is. First of all, give the introduction of the unlimited Father. “He now says: Remember Me and you will become pure. It is remembered: O Purifier, come! Therefore, the Father must definitely be the Authority.  He is said to be the highest-on-high Father. “He only comes in Bharat. He comes and makes Bharat the highest-on-high. We  all  are  souls  and   play our part on the world stage. The Father  also  plays  His part. Definitely, He must have received a part.

It needs  to  be explained  and  kept in mind that He, the Father  brings you the gift of Paradise. Deities of the sun dynasty who used to rule in the Golden Age are the highest on high in the human world. Only God, the Highest on High, establishes heaven. He is called Heavenly God, the Father, who establishes heaven. He is the Father and so you cannot say of Him that the Father is omnipresent. By saying that He is omnipresent, you lose the inheritance of the Father. These are such sweet matters. “Father” implies an inheritance. He would definitely give an inheritance to His children. The Father of all the children is just the One. He comes and gives you the inheritance of peace and happiness and teaches you Raja Yoga, the  Sublime  Connection.  All the rest of the souls will settle their karmic accounts and return home. The old world is now to be destroyed. There is this Mahabharat War, for that. The destruction of innumerable religions and the establishment of the one religion has to take place. 

The intellect also says that, after the iron age, there must definitely be the Golden Age. The history of the deities repeats. It is remembered that He carries out establishment through Brahma. He enables you to claim the highest status. The Father says: Children, become pure in this last birth. There is defeat for the land of death and victory for the land of immortality.

All the sons and daughters will become immortal who remain in the sweet remembrances of the Father

All the  sons and daughters will become immortal who  remain  in the sweet remembrances of the Father. .  Generally, it is women who listen to the stories of immortality.  They  are very much dear  to the Father.  Father  has  special love for  His  daughters and  pays  special attention to them. That is  one reason  women, the daughters of the Highest Father, are so emotional and sensitive and  responsive and caring and loving.  The question arises then, Would there not be any men in the land of immortality? No,  There would be both of them. Only the Father explains to  we children,  what the scriptures of the path of devotion say  about and what the Father says. It is said that, “God comes to give the fruit of devotion.” The deities truly did rule the world in the golden age. Who gave them this fruit? None of the sages or sannyasis can give it. You know and notice  that not everyone performs devotion to the same extent. Those who do a lot of devotion, will definitely receive fruit accordingly. Those who were worthy of worship become worshipers and then become worthy of worship. They receive the fruit of their devotion. All of these matters also have to be explained and  imbibed by all of us.

The deity dynasty existed in the Golden Age. They were satopradhan(Pure and powerful) and then they went through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo, (which  are  lesser degree qualities and ultimately  totally corrupt  and degenerated- coming down by and by).  This is the cycle of   the Soul. It  has to pass through all these  4 stages. It cannot be the same period for all the time and it cannot  be the same stage for all the periods.

We children should keep it in our intellects that we have to remember the highest-on-high Father. Many are weak in this remembrance.Only from the highest-on-high Father is the inheritance received.

 Only He, the Supreme Father,  is the Purifier. Make these things firm in your  intellect. God is One. “Father” implies an inheritance. He comes  here in Bharat to give us our inheritance. The new world is established through Brahma, and the old world is destroyed through Shankar.  But ultimately  it is He only. The gates of heaven open through the Mahabharat War and you/we become pure from impure. Bharat is receiving an inheritance from the unlimited Father. There is nothing except this one thing.

The Father says: Remember Me, and only then, the alloy in you will be removed. Only when all the people have understood this one thing and nothing else. We children  have drunk the nectar  of knowledge and  have  become pure  and  also   just tell them to drink the nectar of knowledge  but they say that they do not  want knowledge  and thus continue  to drink  poison! They remain impure and continue  to receive  punishment.  Why should we renounce nectar and drink poison? It should be very clear to all of us. Why should we drink poison  at all.

Only the spiritual Father gives this spiritual knowledge. His knowledge is the nectar. How could that Father be omnipresent? If you want to, you can believe the Father to be omnipresent, but we no longer believe that. We used to believe that previously. The Father has now told us that, that was a mistake. You receive an inheritance from the Father. Bharat is now hell and we are once again making it into heaven, that is, into a pure household ashram. The original eternal deity religion was a pure household ashram. It is now the impure vicious world. The Father says: Remember Me! Shiv Baba is the Highest on High, the Creator, and you receive an inheritance from Him. There are now so many people in the iron age, whereas there will be very few in the golden age. At that time, all the rest will be in the land of peace. So, surely, only when the war begins, will the rest go into liberation. All of these things should remain in  our  intellects .Father  further  explains, You children should definitely do service. Only by doing  good service will you receive a high status. It shouldn’t be that you forget Shiv Baba or stop doing Shiv Baba’s service because you’re unable to get on with one another. In that case, your status will be destroyed or  lowered. 

Then, instead of doing service, there would be disservice. There is nothing worse than leaving service just because you have become like salt water with one another. Remember Baba and you will be able to earn an income. You have now received the knowledge for becoming holy and remembering the Father. 


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