Body Consciousness Hinders Spiritual Service

What is the reason why so many children are not interested in doing spiritual service?

If  we  are not interested in doing spiritual service, there are definitely bad omens of body consciousness. While moving along, it is because of body consciousness that we sulk with one another and stop doing service. As soon as you see the faces of one another, all thoughts of doing service fly away. This is why-  “Be cautious of these bad omens.”

We  are now vessels of stone

We souls are now vessels of stone, and   our bodies are also like that. It is only here in the land of the Father  that they remember  Black and White (Shyam and Sundar), the ugly and the beautiful one, and the pure and impure ones. In no other land would they say: O Purifier, Come and make us impure ones pure. We say: Liberate us from sorrow and take us into peace. Your conscience says that you people of Bharat were pure and that it used to be the kingdom of God and Goddesses.(Lakshmi and Narayan). No matter how great someone may be, he too falls at the feet of his guru, because the guru adopted renunciation. He has renounced the five vices, and so those who are vicious, therefore, give regard to those who are viceless. There is praise of purity. The kings and queens and their advisers come into existence in the copper age. The kings and queens in the golden age don’t have advisers. When the kings and queens become impure they have one adviser, but they have now become very impure and so they have hundreds of advisers. The Father  has explained to we children that this is a vicious World and it is here that such thing continue to happen.

Knowledge of World Drama

We know that through this knowledge  of world drama, the Creator  and His creation,  we will become very healthy and wealthy in  future. Those  who  who do divine service,  will become goddesses of wealth; no one could have more wealth than you will have at that time, in the golden Age. This is why it is said that knowledge is the source of income. Judges and barristers become that through knowledge. So that is an income. Some doctors receive hundreds of thousands of dollars or rupees for each case. When a king, a queen or a prince becomes ill and the doctor liberates that person from his or her illness, they become very happy and give money to the doctor to build huge buildings. This is such a huge income. Therefore, a status is received by studying this knowledge.

Father explains: This is your study and also your business. You sweet children have now come here in this world to make a deal. You give everything worth straws that you have and earn hundreds of thousands in return. The Father is the eternal Surgeon and is teaching you yog connection  in order to make you ever healthy and wealthy. Baba says: I guarantee that you will become ever healthy for 21 births. So, why should you not take the medicine of such a Surgeon? That is, why shouldn’t you  follow His directions? Obey the Father’s directions! Remember Me!  It is said “Continue to remember Him and receive happiness and all your pain and suffering of the body will end”. On the path of devotion, no one’s pain or suffering is removed. When some sannyasis fall ill, they just lie there paralysed, as though they are crazy. You children know that if you follow the Father’s elevated directions, you will become ever healthy. There, everyone’s lifespan is on average  150 years. It isn’t that from the copper age the lifespan suddenly becomes 50 years. At first it is 100 to 125 and then it becomes about 70 to 80 years. Now it has reached the stage where the average lifespan is 50 to 60 years. Some even die young because they indulge in sensual pleasures (bhogis). 

Baba explains  to We  children , You know that you are now changing from bhogis into yogis through purity. There, your lifespan will be so long that there will never be untimely death. The Father reminds , how much fortune of the kingdom you had. Ravan,  the Satan,  has now robbed you. There, won’t be any temples etc. Your slogan should be, Victory for the original eternal deity religion .  On the path of devotion, you stumbled so much and also had sacrificial fires, did tapasya and made donations etc. At first, you used to worship one Shiva alone. Then you worshiped deities, and you have now become adulterated. The Father is now liberating you from all sorrow. The Father is giving we, children knowledge and making us so elevated, from humans into deities. In the golden age, everything you have will be golden.

The Father liberates us from the gallows of the demons of death and also from the punishment of the jail of a womb.There, although the five vices don’t exist, there would still be a difference between the status of the king, the queen and the subjects. People make so much effort to earn money. There are no advisers because you receive the reward of this time. The Father now tells we Children, follow my directions (shrimat)! I have come here from the faraway land into this impure kingdom . This is the land of Ravan,The Satan(Maya). I come and give you children your inheritance. Not to obey the directions of such a Father is a great disservice.

Father  further says,On the path of devotion, The Bhakti Cult), you stumbled so much and also had sacrificial fires, did tapasya and made donations etc. At first, you used to worship one Shiva alone. Then you worshiped deities, and you have now become adulterated. The Father is now liberating you from all sorrows. The Father is giving we, children knowledge and making you so elevated, from humans into deities.

This the Confluence Age, the most fruitful age of all  ages,  of receiving  blessing  of inheritance  of the Golden Age from the One  Supreme father. Your destination is very high and you should keep that in mind always. Father says that Children should not waste their time. Those who consider themselves to be really brave should help in big tasks and come to me.

Nothing can be accomplished without this father. That is why we children have to be very, very cautious. Some become arrogant for no reason and ruin themselves. When we climb out of the heart of the corporeal one we also climb out of the heart of the incorporeal One, Baba explains. There are many who never even listen to the directions of the Father or even write to the Father or remember Him. So, what would the Father then think? Those  children carry a poor  impressions with the Father.

We have come here in this world  to witness and study the world Drama, The  Creator and His Creation.. If we don’t study well on our  way  to the divinity, a low status will be attained.  The  whole  basis is on Study and imbibing  the  divine knowldege.  We know, All the other religions exist now, but the deity religion, which is the foundation, has disappeared. This whole play is predestined.

In the picture of the World cycle(if You have seen), the World drama, everything is clear . You know that the deities in the golden age were double crowned. At this time, no one has a crown, the crown  of purity. 

You will receive a crown in the golden age. They have a double crown in the golden age and they have a single crown on the path of devotion. There is no crown here.   However, as soon as you become complete, you will go to the subtle region.


Don’t show any disrespect  to any one  especially your  seniors  and elders,by becoming body conscious. Don’t have any wrong passions. Don’t waste your time. Become serviceable in the  service of the Supreme Father  and always be polite. Show your royal quality behavior  instead of  any misdemeanors . 




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