Finish upheaval of the body and mind


‘Those  who  finish  upheaval  of  the  body  and  mind   and stabilize themselves in  the  soul-conscious  stage,  remain  unshakable, in faith in the Supreme Soul.’

While writing yesterday on Spiritual significance  Of Christmas and Symbolic significance of the Christmas tree, it filled me with a amazing feelings of exaltedness and upliftment. After I finished the writing it was time to revise and look for corrections and updations.  It gave me great peace of mind.The theme which I  had just written, continued to play in my mind for quite sometime. It took me to the  God’s Own World, up there and His sweet  remembrances started flowing.

We can very well converse with the  Supreme Father, any one can do, but  we have to attain that stage. 

On this Christmas day, The Father  has seen we children today, in a big gathering. Father saw  that in the gathering, that among we children there are some,  who are highest and richest with all the  spiritual treasures. Some children are rich with money, property and other assets. No matter how rich people in the world are, they are only rich for one birth, this very birth only. There is no guarantee as to whether they will remain rich in the coming  births or not. Even if they are the richest in the world, that would still only be for one birth, whereas all of you  who are full of unshakable  faith  and commitment in the  Supreme father and not in bodily fathers, are the richest for many births because they are full of all the imperishable treasures of the Supreme father. Who gives these treasures? These are given by that Father, Who is Supreme of all the Fathers and not by the bodily fathers.

Therefore, by knowing the Father and His knowledge and by having remembrance of Him, you are able to accumulate multi millions, at every step you take in one day. So, how many steps of remembrance you take, you accumulate that many multi million-fold. Is there anyone else who can earn such an income or who can accumulate these treasures in such an account? Is there anyone one in this world? Just go for a tour around the whole world and have a look! No one, apart from all of you, can accumulate as much. This is why the Father says: Maintain the elevated awareness of your fortune of having been made so elevated in this birth. 

Do you know how much you can earn in one day if you achieve that position or status? You can earn such a  great deal of income, which may be beyond your dreams even.  Such is the magic of the Father’s remembrance. Here, naturally, I will ask you,  Do you understand  all this ?

Because you have  to experience  Him at every step, in order to earn millions in this birth and for using these millions in your next journey. It should be clear to all of us, the sweet children, of that Great Crown King.

The Father continues to observe us as a referee, a detached Observer, to see who makes their lives elevated and which ones just  pass their time and live just like that without Him.

Remember the one  and become knowledgeful and don’t become disheartened over trivial matters.Very good manners are required in knowledge. 

 What the ordinary human beings are doing in their daily routine. Their waste never diminishes. They constantly continue to have  waste thoughts, waste activities which does not help any body . Their intellects are aware that they are not benefiting themselves even.

Put a full stop to the waste

Do you know how to put a full stop to the waste? Sometimes you try to put a full stop, but instead of putting a full stop, you put a long line; instead of a full stop, it becomes a question mark, it becomes an exclamation mark. The way to accumulate in your account is to put a full stop and the way which leads there  is to  say no to  wastage in your account. Therefore, what is  easy, to  draw a long line, a question mark or an exclamation mark or it is to put a full stop.So, which is easier? It is full Stop.

The way to do this is very easy. You just have to have self-respect and remembrance of the Father and be able to put a full stop to anything wasteful.  

 We discussed in previous articles that is is the Confluence Age and it is not the age for carrying any burdens. It is the age for having your burdens removed. Therefore, check the image of your fortune in the mirror of knowledge. Examine it very carefully.  

Always have the awareness that there is benefit in everything in this beneficial age(

Confluence Age).


So, Make yourself worthy of going to the new home,the New world. Make the soul pure with the power of remembrance.





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