Spiritual Significance Of Christmas


Forgive Others, Not Because They  Deserve Forgiveness

But  Because,  You Deserve Peace.

The Christmas is   celebrated  around the world today. It has become a universal festival . It is  celebrated even in Muslim  and  Buddhist countries. India remains the Mecca of celebrating all the festivals of the World.  It is a religious festival for  many.  For many it is a  spiritual learning and spiritual journey away  from the superficiality. For me every day is Christmas day.


Every one remembers  Xmas tree  as  symbol of  Christmas. For me  it  has got spiritual values and spiritual meaning.  I love this image because it is really,  the humanity represented in this tree. The whole of humanity is  represented  by  the tree, all the branches and twigs, leaves,  are connected to a trunk  and a seed.  I love this image   to which we all belong. It is lovely to perceive that God is the seed  below the trunk and on top of the tree, there is a star which is  the common representation of the God, being  a point of light, a star radiating light. I love the Xmas tree as it represents all of us and all the gifts  at the bottom of the tree and we experience the godly gifts.  We all belong to this one God,  the seed of tree and  the fruits it bears and bestow on us, we children.


What could be  the  relevant  and  appropriate message on this  day. The Message should be  the gift of love and  compassion, mercy  and forgiveness and rebuilding  broken relationships.

At the  heart of   christian religion, is mercy and compassion. In fact all the  religions  teach mercy and compassion for  the suffering humanity and suffering individuals alike.

 Today    many souls  are suffering mentally and emotionally. It is enormous pain.

The Christmas time is to look deeply in side as to why  there are  relationship differences  and why  many of  us suffer in relationships and what we have to do to resolve these differences.


When you are a kid you are told the story that an  old man comes  down  to the earth and brings lot of gifts for  all of  us. It’s incredibly exciting  times  for the  kids as the preparations start 2-3 weeks before 25 December and family would put up  a Christmas tree  with lights and  sweet things along side.  It is  very much a family occasion,  sending hundreds of  Xmas  greetings cards and  reaching  out  personally to relatives and friends,  to wish on the occasion. But now that  scene has changed.

Although Christmas    is  a festival  for exchange   of material things, material gifts. But the gifts of love and affection, of forgiveness,  the gift of mercy  and  feelings and attitude  for other’s respect and dignity is gone. we have  to bring those feelings  back and have to embed the same in our mind  and intellect for the sake  of better  family relationships and a better society  and  a better world..

It is  said superficiality in  our life has creeped in  a big  way, it  is time to say good bye  to superficiality from our life and  relationships. Let us become genuine and  worthy of carrying on with the sweet relationships,  we had made  many years ago.



 God is the seed  of all the humanity and we are connected to Him and we experience the godly gifts bestowed on us by  That Greatest of all the Unlimited  Donor.   We all belong to this one God,  It brings us togetherness, gifts which are there, when the individuals connect back to the seed, we experience the gifts, true gifts of love, mercy, bliss, forgiveness, respects, lofty ideals, cooperation and of the realization,  ‘who I m’? The original idea was to go back to the seed from whom all the gifts of life come from,  they have significance.  The seed belongs to every one.


we are in chaos when we become more conscious  of  identity of  body, identify ourselves  by color, creed, shape, race, religion and that mentality really divides the humanity .This tree reminds me of  one thing  of , where we belong to and   all belong to the one  seed and seed connects us all.

In spirituality,  one of the things which is pivotal is,  that  it  is “me” ‘I’ ,  who is responsible   for  my actions  and  activities.  I make  my own karma.  All pain  originates from my   unreasonable expectations. How I feel dejected  and  rejected  if  my  expectations  are not  realised,  because  they  were  totally unrealistic. This,  we should realize in our mind  and intellect.   If we reconcile with this fact,  our  sorrows and sufferings will be reduced to a great extent. What,  I  think  that love and values are missing from our  lives  and  that  has caused  enormous strain. Love and respect does not happen in  our life because of high expectations, and  not getting  the quality and quantity  of love  and  affection, we expected and many more similar shortcomings in us ,  and this  triggers what is already in me. So take responsibility for your feelings and attitudes, rather than projecting back to others.


We are a soul on journey and other one is also a soul on world journey and we carry a past with our present journey.  Do ensure we do not collide on our beautiful World journey. Because  what you earn on your  way, all along  this  journey goes with you and  the same  soul also appears in your next life with you facing that very soul, doing the  same  which you did  with him now,  in this journey, So be careful. This  is Christmas journey from today onward.

My message again will be   of cooperation,   understanding, compromise and submission  and leave  behind  all the enmity in your  heart and  try to build bridges of love and compassion,  forgiveness, empathy or   what  else  you can manage  to do to alleviate the   sorrows and  sadness in relationship. It is whether father-mother relationship, son-father relationship, husband- wife relation, brothers-brother and sisters-sister and  do your  best  to come up in life.

Create every thought, perform every deed and see every situation while be  stable in the top spiritual stage. Let there not be any questions such as, “Why is this like this? What is this?”, but always put a full stop instead to all the  waste thoughts. Do not carry the burden  which you can not carry. Analyse yourself where  you stand  today. Ask  your senses  to guide  you in  a better way. 

Remember, and say,”This is Nothing new! This was your part and again this  is your part. It is beautiful.” Enter your part while recognizing the part of every soul very well. While having relationships and connections with souls, let there be the quality and equality of being loving and detached and all fluctuation will then finish. To remain constantly unshakable and a detached observer in this way, is the sign of being a number one fortunate soul.

Imbibe the virtue of tolerance, only then  harsh attitude and thoughts will become cool.

 Merry  Christmas

I continue writing ……………………..



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