The Blessings Father Give On Christmas Day

It is Merry Christmas  today

My Good  Wishes to all, especially to  Christian  Brothers  and  Sisters.


The Supreme father says  my Sweet Children,  get  up  and see  who has come !  You see an Old man  in front  of you with white beard  and red costumes and  a bag   plentiful with gifts galore. Why don’t  you get  up  and grab the choicest gifts from him. The gift of joy, happiness, fortune,  good luck, ecstasy and more boons for your coming life in the New World. Today is the day to get  these All.



Sweet children, remain constantly happy. The more you stay in remembrance, the more happiness you will receive. This is a blessing that the Father gives you.

While doing everything, remember the one Father . Don’t have waste thoughts! Become a powerful Soul! Maintain unlimited happiness!


May you be a victorious conqueror of Maya, the Satan, who does true service by keeping one Lord in your heart, constantly.

 Do you experience yourselves to be the souls who are a handful out of multi-millions and a selected few out of that? Do you have the happiness and intoxication that you are the souls who have a direct relationship with the Father and who play a part with the Father in the drama? How many things have you imbibed to remain constantly happy? The Father is pleased to see every beloved, long-lost and now- found child. How long has it been since you met  the Father? You do remember this, do you not? Maintain the awareness that you are the elevated souls who play a special part with the Father who is the Highest on High. Then, as is your awareness, so accordingly will be your stage. Whatever you hear, continue to merge that within you. The more you merge what you hear within yourself, the more you will continue to become the practical form of that. Let there be the experience of every virtue. Constantly check yourself to see to what extent you experience each virtue. Are you just filled with knowledge or are you an image of experience? Check this because it is only at the confluence age that you can experience every virtue. If you lack the experience of any particular virtue, then pay special attention and definitely become experienced in that. The more you become an image of experience, the stronger your foundation will become. Maya,  the Satan will not be able to shake you.

From now on experience any type of obstacle or problem to be like a game; it is not an attack, but a game! By considering it to be a game, you will be able to overcome it in happiness, whereas by considering it to be an attack, you will get frightened and come into turmoil. You are actors in the drama. Therefore, any scene that is in front of you is just in the play and part of the drama. Keep this awareness and you will remain stable and not fluctuate. So, now bring about this transformation before you leave this stage, the World stage. Finish all fluctuation before you leave here. Constantly experience yourself to have a mark  of victory and all upheaval will come to an end.

Look, America is considered to be very high in the world. Therefore,  you Children would be so high! However much a country is praised, the praise of Elevated and Pure souls there is even greater. You children should become number one in service. If each of you becomes a lighthouse to reveal the Father, then the contrast between the White House and the lighthouse will be seen. They bring about destruction and you are the ones who carry out establishment. Now, show some wonders! Some special souls have been made instruments. Now, change them from just being contacts and form a relationship with them. Form such a close relationship with them that the praise they sing of the Father reaches the world.

Look, father has selected you children, who had gone into other religions and has also enabled you to emerge. So, you are especially fortunate, are you not? You went searching for the Father, and the Father found you! Even though you did go searching for Him you couldn’t have found Him, because you didn’t have His introduction. This is why the Father selected you souls and made you into flowers of His Garden. So, all of you are now spiritual roses of the Garden of Allah, the Garden  of  Jesus, the Garden of God Shiva, the Unlimited. Do you consider yourself to be so fortunate? if Yes,


You have  have a task on your hand today. Go  and  set yourselves free  in that  Garden and  grab  all the happiness, Father  is  waiting for  you there! For He  has made you so  and become  a  donor  and  a super donor and  give your benevolent blessings  to  the world, through your  positive  vibrations.

Jingle  Bell, Jingle Bells,  Jingle  all the Way,  My Loves  to All!




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