Have spiritual knowledge to become fragrant flower


Sweet children, anger is a very big thorn. Many receive sorrow through it and you must, therefore, remove that thorn and become a true flower.

Realize This and  say to yourself that I  want  to become complete.

To become complete, means to become totally soul conscious-I am aware of those 5 qualities and I live those five qualities. That is my purpose.

My purpose is to be pure, to inspire others to create purity, enable others come close to God and to understand God very lovingly and then to create a non-violent world- a civilization where there is natural spiritual love.

The deities don’t think about being loving or not loving – being sweet or not sweet. We have to make a jump into a deity sanskars (resolves and habits).

Spiritual Knowledge

 This is spiritual knowledge. Know the Father and yourself! They say that just as a bubble emerges from water and then merges back into it, in the same way, we are created from the brahm element, that we play our parts and then become merged in the brahm element or become the brahm element, that there is no other knowledge of the Creator or creation. Only the Father comes and explains knowledge. His name is Shiva. Some even call Him Rudra, and some call Him the Remover of Sins. They have given Him many names and increased the paraphernalia of worship.

They have given Him as many names as the acts He has carried out and they have built many temples to Him. The Father says: This is now the world of thorns, the ocean of poison. Everyone is made to write that God is omnipresent.

The Father comes and makes His birth place into heaven, and so the whole world becomes heaven. This doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect.

All the scriptures are of devotion. Each one has knowledge of his own work. A carpenter has knowledge of carpentry and a doctor has knowledge of medicine. This is spiritual knowledge which only the Supreme Soul comes and gives. Human beings don’t know who the One called God is.

 In the Gita they have mentioned the name of Shri Krishna, In Quran that  of Mohamad, They have falsified the mother and father and so all the other scriptures have become false. Just as they have mines of artificial (false) stones, so here, these are like false stones. Those with divine intellects live in the golden age, the land of divinity. 

This is hell. They call out, “O Purifier come!”, and so they must surely be impure. Both heaven and hell exist in the Birth Place of God. When someone dies, it is said that he has gone to heaven. It doesn’t enter their intellects that the golden age is heaven. God establishes heaven, not hell. No one knows when the kingdom of Satan (Maya or  Ravan) begins. Although they study many scriptures and remain celibate, they are still born through vice. Sages and sannyasis too make spiritual endeavor. They ask the Father for liberation because they don’t want to stay in the dirty world. The Father says: First of all, know the soul, how he goes through the cycle of birth and death, souls must definitely have taken birth. Where are they now? No one knows this.  You know very well that Lakshmi and Narayan, who were the masters of heaven, have to take rebirth and complete the whole cycle  of  births. Not all souls take all the births. Let your intellects imbibe this knowledge. Without staying in yog (the spiritual connect), you cannot change from thorns into flowers. It is only by having yog that your sins will be absolved and you will become satopradhan (all pure and deity like) flowers. While you are here, there will definitely be some trace of thorns. Once you have become flowers, you won’t be able to stay here. The golden age is called the garden of flowers. You are now in the Jungle of thorns, that is, in the kingdom of Ravan, the Satan. All here are thorns. Those who make many thorns into flowers are said to be the real fragrant flowers. There is a particular white flower known as the king of flowers. 


Even when it is placed on a table it continues to bloom and its fragrance continues to increase. Since there is a king flower, there also has to be a queen flower .What is that flower?

No, There is no such flower. No one is such a flower.


Those iron-aged souls   have  put the obstacles that Maya even now causes while you are becoming flowers from thorns, will one day come to an end and all of you will go to heaven. Those iron-aged thorns will end.


Imbibe spiritual knowledge to become fragrant flower.


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