How to Become Loveful in Gods Remembrance

God is  the Ocean  of  Love and  therefore, what  we children  have  to do  to follow father?

First of all we  take  this  affirmation today. 


Sweet Children,  you  have  to stay  in silence and  remember  the one  father. There is no need  to  ring bells for  this.


Question:  In what respect should you become   equal  to  the Father so  that  all your work is successfully accomplished?

Answer:   Just  as the father is the Ocean of Love, you should   also  become   very very loving. The task is  spoilt when  you become  angry, it  doesn’t  get accomplished. Therefore,  there is no need to  become irritated, to show  stern eyes, or  to speak loudly or  to become heated. It  is always good to remain  quiet. A lot  can be  accomplished with love.”

Let us  focus  today on the  virtues  of  God  before proceeding further.

He   calls   out   every morning  by name  to tell us to  get up   from our  sleep  and churn the ocean of knowledge about the things we hear and this knowledge will then trickle into your intellects throughout the day.

We are  all  Sweet children of the Supreme father,  He  always  calls  us   sweet Children.  Have You heard   Him   calling   you by   that  name?  I am sure  You  have ……!   You   must   have   heard   your   physical   father   calling you  as my sweet Children. He says so,   because  he loves you very much  and lives with you  and  provides for your daily requirements.

The  Supreme  Father  is  Father  as our  Creator  and is our  father. He is our  incorporeal Father  and  He  does not  have  a  body or  organs  like  our  physical father. He  is invisible.

God  is the   Supreme  father   and  mother, Supreme teacher, Supreme  friend,  Supreme Guide, and Supreme  preceptor.

People   remember  Him by  many names and  all these  names  are  expressive titles or  names.  His  popular  names  are Shiva, Jehova, Allah, Waheguru. God  is   a  subtle, infinitesimal point  of  light. He  is not  visible to  the naked  eyes. We can experience Him and  His  presence and proximity through  deep  and  intense remembrance only.

 Meditation  is  one  way to get  close  to  Him and  converse with Him and  get  all  the benefits from Him like  physical, mental, psychological and  spiritual ones. There is no  doubt  about  this practice. 


God   is the Supreme  Father  of  all . He  is called the Creator of all the creations in this  world  and  the  worlds  beyond.  He  is the creator  and , therefore, logically, He  is  the Supreme Creator. As He  has  infinite Children  and  therefore,  He  is called  the  Supreme  father. He  has  to manage all His  children  and  their  affairs and  He  is   is  called  supreme  Manager  and  Similar things.

The essential  virtues of  God  can be  summarized  as  under:

(i)           He  is ocean of Love

(ii)          He  is  the  ocean of  Knowledge,

(iii)        He is the Ocean of  Peace,

(iv)        He is the Ocean of  Purity

(v)         He is  the  Ocean  of  Bliss

(vi)        He  is  the Ocean of  Mercy

(vii)       He is  the  Almighty  Authority

(viii)     He is  the  Liberator  and Guide

(ix)        He is the Ocean of  Power

(x)         He is  the  destroyer  of  all the Evils

(xi)        He is  the  most  Benevolent

(xii)       He is  the Hope for  the Loser and  the Poor  and needy

(xiii)     He is  the  bestow-er  of  salvation.

Human Beings when in sorrow, pain   and despair and losing  all hope, look up to Him for help and sustenance. All  of  us  remember HIM daily early in the morning  and  in the  evening  and  at sleep time,: in the hope that  He is listening  to us. Have  you ever  imagined, that He   heard you? Or  All of   us  will continue  to  remember  Him   without  waiting  for an answer from Him. He does listen to you and all of us. what  He  has  said  to you ? This  is very important ?  You  must  wait  to listen to Him as  to what, He  said  to you . He  has  definitely  heard  you  and  conveyed  His  message as well. It  is  another  matter  you did not pay  any heed to it. So Wait for a while in complete  silence to His sounds in your inner self. 

God  is most loving and caring father but  not  OmniPresent:


There  is no doubt  about  that. God  is beautiful, loveful  and very very caring yet He does not   live  every where and  in every body;s heart. He  need  not  stay in the  heart of  every,  Tom Dick and Harry. Simply  stated, if He lives in the  Hearts  of every one  then we  need   not  go any where to  find Him say in temples, churches etc. If  He  was in my heart I would have  taken  him out  of  my heart,  hold Him  and talk to him  and get  my all  the pending work done, would  have  got rich over night and  so on. Logically He does not live there. He  lives  in His permanent Abode, the Incorporeal World, an  infinite expanse of  golden red   and purple light, which  is  so far and  so  different  from this  Physical world of  five elements. .  


Keep His  Virtues  in Mind  and  intellect and stay in His sweet remembrance all the day, so  that we can  be  successful and generate positive thoughts  throughout the day.

I continue  to  write on this…………………………





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