We  read  in the last post how  to remain happy through  godly blessings. We  are focusing  on soul consciousness  of the soul in this post

The  godly blessings  are  the birth  right  of  all the  children  of  the God, the Almighty Authority.  we  are   the creation of  one  father. From that angle we  are  all entitled to receive, what  He  has.  We  are  the rightful owners of His property and assets.

His  ways  are  wonderful. He  is amazing  being. He  bestows bounties  on His  children but  checks against  their deeds. Your deeds are  your destiny.

Golden Age:

There  was no   body-consciousness  in the  Golden Age  and Silver age. These  Two ages are  called satopradhaan ages means  full of  divinity and  divine Virtues.  The divine  Souls  ruled  the  World in these  ages. There was    no evil there. Again  in the  coming Golden Age there will be  no body-consciousness and  no evils,  no sins, no crimes. It  will  be  divinity personified  and that is why it is called the Kingdom of  God.



 As  you have been body conscious for half of  the cycle, i.e. for  the  entire  period  of  Bronze  Age and the Iron  age, you are unable to have  much regard for  the father.  You are  unhappy and  you  stay in that state   of mind  for   times immemorial. You  can not   become  happy  till the time you  are body  conscious. The body consciousness  will not  go away  without  doing  sincere efforts to become Soul Conscious. The  Whole  crux  of the matter lies  therein only.

Remember the Father,  the Supreme soul. You must only follow Him. This is called one   of the  most elevated of the  directions. You should have  lot of love for the Father. The Father says,” Now renounce your bodily relations including your body. You have to practice being soul conscious a great deal. The body  is  perishable, whereas the soul is imperishable. By remembering perishable bodies, you have forgotten the soul and  have  become  degenerated and a satan.

Surrender  Of  Ego and Super Ego

It  is  mandatory  to surrender your  ego and super ego. “God  says Surrender  your  Ego  and become Soul Conscious and become Pure. Impure cannot  come  to me.” Check yourselves, Have you become pure, if not  what is the degree of  your  purity. Check your levels  continuously and every time of the day.  Pay attention   to your  thoughts and  thought  process  which  continually engaging  your  mind  to  put  you off  the  road to purity.


Father  says  and  reminds  His Children that You haven’t become soul conscious at all! When you become soul conscious.    Speak out   to your  supreme father and  tell Him, that  You  are  the  true  child of Him.  You  are Oedient  to Him.  You  are not  asking  for  alms from Him. You  are not  asking   for  any mercy  from Him. Assure Him that  You havn’t  done  any evil  deed  or  action  in your  life   and   today which  requires  punishment. Assure  Him  this  with complete honesty  and attention.

Visualise  a  scene that  you are now sitting personally in front of the Father,  look into His eyes  and  tell Him the truth.  See yourself  and  see the father. See Him  with Love  and regard.  You will get  the same  Love  and regard from Him  as  He  is  with you. You  can assure  Him  of  your  good conduct  and  behavior.  Do not  do  anything  wrong  otherwise you wont  be able  to face Him in case  of  any wrong doing  on your  part. You can’t  see into His   eyes then.  He  will not  be  there for you.  How  you will be loveable  to Him.  How ………………………….?

Why not  improve  yourselves my dear folks?

 Regard  For  the Father

Your regard in your   eyes  and  in the eyes  of   the Father will    increase ,  if  you  have unconditional love not  only  for the  supreme  soul but  for the  fellow human beings  and  the   lovely around you  at  home  and  at the office.  Your  regard will  definitely increase when you become completely soul conscious. There will be regard for you which  will bring inner happiness . Your stage will continue to be reformed and there will also be more godly happiness.   It is  just  your effort in the  remembrance of  the Supreme.  As you  Do,  you continue  to  improve  and come near the  light  and  might  of   the  Supreme Energy, the Supreme Power.

 You  have    been  reading  scriptures all throughout  and  going  to saints  and  seers.  These  things have  made  you  more body conscious instead  of  soul conscious. Now  have   a look on yourself and ask a question, Did  you  become elevated? Did  you become  enlightened? Measure  your  enlightenment and your  elevation. I can conclude   by  saying , you stand today,  where   were you,  when you started. You have  not moved an inch higher but  certainly you have  gone one inch down.

 The requirement  was to become open, tolerant, humble, spiritual,  the darling   of the God. If  you  see yourself in  the mirror and see your  face faithfully and accurately. What  does it look like. It is  wrinkled, sad, unhappy uncomfortable. This  is  because  of  body  consciousness what the father says.

The Father says, “Now renounce your bodily relations including your body. You have to practise being soul conscious a great deal. This is called the most elevated direction ” as quoted  above as well. He further   says, you should have  unconditional   love for the Father.  If  you have  love  for  your  father  , He  will also have  love  for you  and keep you  under His watch  and ward. As you  know love begets love,  so why should this not be practised? The  hurdle  in this  love  is body  consciousness  and ego.

 our sins are absolved when  we have regard for the seniors, elders, women and children. Those who have honest hearts understand for how long they remain soul conscious and remember  the  Supreme Baba.

 There are  many  answers to it. The soul-consciousness  brings so much  into  the personality of  person  you will be  amazed  to  know. Not  only it  makes one humble but  also teaches  internally as to  how to give regard to those who are seniors to you, is the wisdom that soul-conscious children develop. Without  being soul-conscious, arrogance creeps into life  and  that  makes   you  a dead wood  and  you  cannot   have  any regard for the  Supreme father and  for  your  Physical mother  and  father. You can not  remember the Father in such  a state  of mind. The  another  great  blessing  of  being a  soul conscious is,  one  remains very happy and stay in the  happiness of  being  with  the father and this  spiritual happiness  is much greater than any  material happiness, which  I say is  temporary and momentary.

 Why  the  whole  world  is  unhappy toady. The  reasons  are  obvious but   every body  has forgotten  these reasons and the  beauty is no one   is trying  to find them out. They continue  to add more  unhappiness  in their  lives by  doing more unholy deeds and  actions. Sins should not  get multiplied  but  try  to get absolved from them through love  and regard  and  self  consciousness.


 We  read  just  a little bit   on soul consciousness  of the soul in this post. And together  we  will proceed  to more wonderful stuff in the next post. My  next topics  will be  on  Soul,  The  Supreme  Soul,  The World  Drama and  the Blessings of God Shiva in the Confluence Age  and  many more.   The  theme remains  the SOUL and  the Supreme Soul.


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