Godly Happiness- How the real Spiritual happiness can be obtained

How  the  real  Spiritual  happiness can  be  obtained


1. Spiritual Happiness is not hard to achieve, The real happiness lies not in the worldly materialistic world but in the remembrance of the Incorporeal Being and what he has done for you in the past and continues to do today and has always promised to do in the future.

2. The remembrance of God the Almighty, the creator and His creations, give unlimited Happiness. As you remember Him that He is the ultimate creator, architect, engineer, Mason, carpenter, Singer, writer, things will Change for you.

3. God made the mankind and put them on the earth for doing pious deeds. Pious deeds fill the heart with unconditional love for the fellow human beings and for those with whom we love and our surroundings including the environment.

4. God, as a producer, director and writer of the world drama, is the Supreme authority.

5. God is giver of the knowledge of world history and geography and He is the only one who has the perfect knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the universe

6. He created the human beings and put them in the cycle of birth and death and made their History. He created all the planets, stars, ocean and water and all the birds and animals.

7. He created the eras where the humans and natural things will keep moving in a particular and specific life cycle.

8. He created the cycle of ages and devided this into fixed cycle within a super cycle of 5000 years.

9. The Cycle moves in exactly the same way, it rotated or moved in the previous cycles. There is no change of any kind. Things take place in the same shape, same place, everything same what exactly happened 5000 years ago.

10. God created souls and humans created physical bodies and God put the souls into these bodies to run them as His own progeny on this earth. The world is run by these souls in the physical bodies and these souls are overseen and monitored by the supreme souls.

11. The world is run by the Souls or say spirits in physical bodies.The souls come and go and take new birth and play their part. The Cycle of birth and death is perennial and continues without a stop.

12. The world cycle is divided in four stages. The 4 stages Which are Golden Age, The Silver Age, The Copper Age and the Iron Age.

13. The Golden Age is gone and now we are living in the Iron Age, the Age of the Devil, for Ordinary people of the world. The Ordinary people think that this is the best age for enjoyment. Which is also nearing its end.

14. In fact, this is the confluence age, of Iron age and the Golden Age. As soon as the Iron Age ends The Golden age will start and No one will come to know of this fact because all will be gone from this universe except a few hundred thousand people who have adopted a Pious and Pure life.( I will talk and write on this in my next Blog.)

15. Again this whole system will restart and again reach iron Age and again Golden age will come. This cycle continues. The earth, the sky, the planets stay there in the Universe. This is the whole story. The  complete annihilation  do  not  take  place, this just rejuvenation, cleansing, updation and  renovation  of  the  old  house, old  banglow,  the  old mansion, called the  World.

We live  in that period of   Iron Age,  where  the  World is full of  satans  and  the Satan rules the  World. The  satanic forces  are   commanding  the  whole  World and  satanic  is  the purpose  of  life. The  satan has clearly defined the Purpose of   life  for  these  unholy  souls. All the  souls have become  impure. These souls are committing sins and crimes  day in  and  day out. There  is   no check on their criminal  activities. The  God, today  appears to be helpless, before these super criminals. But  He  is  definitely watching all   of them  and  He is taking due notice  of  all that is happening  in His  world.    The  criminality,  sins, vices  lust, greed,anger, Violence, Manipulations and  attachment  to material  stuff  has  become   the  order  of the day. Virtues   and   virtuous  people   are  very less  in number and  they  are  doing  their bit  by  doing  Godly  service  and  teaching  virtues  and morals   to the  low down   humanity. Teaching  them   the  imminent  arrival  of  God  on earth  and  setting  up of the  Deity World,  the  Golden Age  and  making   their  souls powerful   and making  them worthy  of  Golden  age.


Now   let   us  understand   this: 

we  are  part  of  the  supreme  Father and  we  are His   sweet children. He is now explaining to you in the same way, as He  explained 5000 years  earlier, how the old world is destroyed and how the Golden- Age  is established. The  Golden  Age   is  established  by  the Supreme  Power Himself  and  not  by  Human beings. God  continues  to  teach, continues  to be  in touch   with  all  his sons  and  daughters. But   this   is  great irony that   these  very sweet children do  not  listen  to  father, they  continue  to ignore the  father, the Supreme  Master, the Supreme Father. 

It is now the confluence of the old world and the new world. The Father  continues  to  explain  to you, we,  and  all His  Sweet Children, what has been happening from the beginning of the new world of the golden age up to the end of the iron age. But  we  the sweet Children continue to    ignore Him.

What  happened  to Me:

I  have   learnt  His  Message, Got  it and  Changed  myself a lot,  and  I  am  absolutely in blissful  stage and  state   of  mind, just by  remaining  in His  sweet remembrance the  whole  day. This   remembrance Not  only helps   me  to  know  Him better but  teaches  how  to  connect with  Him. The  positive  affirmations with His name and  seeking  to  recharge my Soul  with  His  power  not only  helped mitigate my  sorrows and  sufferings but  brought a new lease  of life to the  listless life,   added  spiritual  spice  to the  life and  life style and  generated   immediate  happiness and  an end  to dull and  dreary life style.

   What  God  can do to you:


What  God have   for   us in store.  Think, God  is  the store house  of  virtues ,  Supreme knowledge  and  Supreme powers not  possessed  by  any  humans or  Satans .We  receive  from Him what  he  has  kept  for us from times  immemorial. He gives  us,  what no  human  beings can  give us. Keep this  in mind and  connect  to Him. 

 All of you  need   to know how this world cycle turns and what happens from the Golden age to the end of the iron age. Whatever you see  today, will not remain. None of the old things are going to remain.

The world will continue. We  know  that  the old world  is  going out  and the  New  World  is  coming in. The  Golden  Age is  coming  very soon and  the  the  pure  souls  which are destined to go to the  New world  are engaged actively in the  preparation  for   the  Golden  age. Preparations   has    to  done, Without   which these souls  would  find  it  difficult  to  reach there.

As it  should  be known  to the  special  souls  that  The Golden  Age  or  the  New world is the Deity World, therefore,  the preparation  has  to  be made according  to  those  standards. Ordinary  preparation will be junked. The  first  requirement   of  which is  purity.  next   one  is   non attachment  to   vices  and material  things. The  greed, lust,  Conceit,  Deception, Rage are  the  biggest  enemies which  will definitely    a big  stumbling  block  on your  way to  the  Top.You must   get rid  of   all these vices.


The  father   has  given  you some  home  work to do , you  must  do it. Do You remember it? I think you  do not  know  it . I am sure,  you can  not think of  as yet, not  even in your  dreams even. Lol, I  tell  you what is that. It is  the  only task or Home work which you do,  throughout   the  whole  world cycle.

Think   of the  answer?  We are  discussing  about  the  Golden Age, is n’it. The answer is become pure and make others  Pure. If  you do it  or practise it, it would be  the most  auspicous task which you  would  be  doing  at this confluence Age. The  Supreme father is  the  ocean of  Purity. Remember  this  always and  follow father  accurately. By becoming   pure,  you will become  the  masters of  the Pure world, that is the  Golden Age. By  learning  this  simple  attribute  of  the Supreme Father and  by following  Him  to  stay pure  or  to become Pure from  Now  onward,  will  open  up,  for you, the  gateway to  the  Pure world. So always remember Him with  unconditional Love and become  soul conscious to remain pure. No element of  bodily Lust should  creep in you.

This   is  Number one method  to go to the  pure world of  Golden Age.

 Practise   it   yourselves  and tell   others to do it. By doing so, that is  both  the  things, (Practicing and teaching others) you will become the rightful child  of the  Supreme  Father to  be in the  Golden Age world which  will  be  inhabited  by few thousand  people.  There is  no other  way to reach  there in  the  New  World.  Become   a  virtuous  person. Leave  all the  hunchy punchy criteria’s   told and practiced  in  the  world. 


Take  a   note  of it………………………………………..Read  further.


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