My Father-The Supreme Father-A conversation

A Short Conversation


He  is  my father,  the  Supreme  Father  and  I am His  child,  a  sweet  Child and  He   is my  darling   Father. My Father  is  the  Supreme  Father,  the  supreme authority,  the  ultimate  Power. I Know my  father is  supreme of  the Supreme   and  all Powerful.  The Supreme father  lives  at His  Own  Supreme Soul House, The God House . His  Supreme Throne is there only. He  beholds  His creation from there only. He  is  the  Supreme Commander. He  is  the  Supreme Light House. The  rays  of  His  Light and Power originate from there only and  spread  towards  all directions empowering His  creation. He   directs  the world and  its events from there. He  is  supreme commander   of the ship called  the  world. No one  can reach that  throne  but  can  experience the glory and  grandeur  of that Light, of that Power House and  can empower himself by connecting  with it. He is   the  Creator, Provider  of  His progeny and destroyer of  the  sinners  and  wicked.
I know  my  father is  supreme authority and  all Powerful. I know He  is  the only one  who is limitless and wields  tremendous  powers   but normally He  leaves His children free without any undue parental  interference. But  He  told me  He  does not like to  suppress  or oppress my kids unnecessarily as  I  believe them  to  be  mature and  self-sustaining  but  I do interfere when they need me or  I find out some shortcomings in them. He  also told me  by and  large His progeny is  good, trustworthy, kind  and  cooperating. But I  keep  a  vigil on them to keep them  on track. I said this is  too much of  interference.  How,  you  my kiddie ?He enquired ! You said  you don’t  interfere, isn’t it? Now  you  are  telling, you  keep a vigil on them and that is  the  reason, these poor kids of  yours  do not progress, the way they should.? What do you mean ?  you mean fellow.? I reminded Him, You call  Yourself an  Ocean of Love, yet  You are angry with me? Why! Is  this  the  way you tell your  Children, be on the way to top. No way darling father ! Then He said, He  will set the things right. OK, I told Him.
 I know, He  is  the  ultimate provider and understand  what  I need. He makes  full arrangements for me and  for  my needs. I never asked Him to give  me  this  and  that. I know  as  a father  He  is under obligation  to  serve me  as my  physical father was doing. As Physical father  is  no more, whom I will look upto. He is there for me.
He cannot  forsake me  and  it  is beyond  Him  to  let me down. And  above all, He  also knows very well  if  He  lets down PJ, He  has  to  pay  dearly for this. The  reason  is  simple.  A father  has  to work  hard  to  please  His  Children.  If  does not  cater to the   needs  of  their  sons  and  daughters  the kids will go astray.  For  this  simple  reason, He  simply cannot  afford to do that. He  told me  once  I  am going  to  my place. I told Him, GO. He went  and Came Back. He came  back with  so much that   I cannot write it here. He gave  so much for   many lives  to come. Such  was  His  magnanimity and benevolence.
My benevolent  father . You are  great, will always be  great. Victory  is  always yours  my father.  You  are my  guide, friend and philosopher . There is no one else  except you. How  do I explain your  virtues and  attributes. These are limitless.  Your  attributes cannot  be  counted  and recounted, they  are  infinite.  Infinite  is  your  boundaries which means  they are without boundaries. Your  expanse  is fathomless,  my darling father.  The  rays  of  your  light  and power reach every  where,  they are present every where. In every nook  and and corner of  the  world and  beyond.  You know  everything  and  you are  the  real pantomath.
I had  a Small conversation  with  my  father one  day.  In fact  I had   so many,  on  many occasions .    He  always  say  You   are  my  sweet child, you  are my loving child.  I love  you like  I love  all my  children.  I have  billions  of  children.   I  told  my father   do you  believe   in Polygamy in this  age  of  family planning.  He  said No. He  told  me  you always   cross  your   limits. I asked  how?  He  told me,   this  is not  the  way PJ  to talk  to your  father. But  I  am telling  the truth, I  retorted back. He  said  OK,  you  are  right.  But  that is  not  all. You have   to  think beyond  this, PJ..  What  do you mean. I asked Him. He looked at me  and said, listen,” He  explained,  I sent  another  father, a physical  father who is my son, a  real son. I  agreed.   He  continues,……….. dont   you do  what  your  father tells  to do. I said,yes,  you  are right.  I  obey  him, my physical father.  Then  why do you disobey me. Why don’t you  pay attention to  what  I am saying to you. You pay scant  attention to  what  I told  you  to do. You always  do what  you like  to do? You really  don’t obey me, but  mind it  I am not  fed you, I still Love  you and I  have  accepted you as what  you  That  was His glory grandeur because  there  are billions  like me and He  still loves  them  all.
I  always disobeyed   my  supreme father. I never knew  He  is my  supreme father.  I was   10 year old boy. I was preparing  to  go  to bed in our Mud   house. I went  to sleep.  I saw  my  father sitting  cross legged.  He  was  in remembrance of God.  An   earthen light  was on  besides him.   a Stick   of  incense  was   smoking and   sweet scent   filed  the  big  mud  house  environment where  we  used  to live  and sleep. I saw He  was  praying  to God  and  chanting in Punjabi,”  jad   tu mere val  hain,  tan  kya  mochhanda. Main sab  kuchh tainu sounpeya ja tera banda. Meaning O my lord, the  supreme soul, when you are  with me  I have nothing  to   worry and fear about and  I have no fears  from this world any more and  I have given everything mine  to you as  I am  your  own son and  I belong  to you  my father.” When  he  was  doing this, my eyes opened  and I  got up  with a start and saw it  was morning  and  all the  members  of family are doing  the  daily routine.  I was  just in  mesmerized state  of mind. I thought  it  was  a dream  or a vision.
This was  the  sweet and short  conversation which I  had   with my father  and which still lingers on, in my  mind.
Literally we  are  the children of God, spiritually begotten in the premortal life. As His children, we all are assured  and confident that we have divine, eternal potential and power  that will bear  fruit  with our  sincere efforts to reach that potential.
Although  He  is  my best  friend  yet  our  relation remains  that  of  father  and  son.  When  I was young   I  used  to sing along with other children, “you are  my mother  and you my  father  and  we  are your  sweet  children.  You have  sent me here.” The knowledge that we are the children of God provides  us  with  a sense  of  strength, Comfort, Hope and courage.

Let Us  Love Him  Unconditionally and  He  will definitely Love Us and let  us  go with Him  and bask in His  Shining  Glory  and  grandeur.

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