God reveals Himself as the Creator, provider and protector of Human Beings

God reveals Himself as the Creator, provider and  protector of Human Beings


God  is  great and  is  the  Ultimate  authority  of  the  universe. He  occupies  the  Supreme  throne  as He is   the  Supreme  Power.  All  the powers   flow  from there only.  There  is no  other  source  of  power.  God as  a  Supreme  Soul,    is the father  of  all the  Souls and  all the beings in the world .   He  is  the most  wonderful  and  wonder of   wonders.


God  Creates, Makes  and  Operates   the World. God  reveals  Himself  in all His  creations. The self-revelation of God is the visible creation which  is accessible to all human beings equally through  all  the  sense  organs. God dwells in all His creations and is everywhere indivisibly present in all His works. He is transcendent above all His works.
Since the beginning of  the time, man has observed the grandeur of nature and has been fascinated  by its  beauty  and  always inquired about its origin and author. Occupying oneself with this question is to lead to faith that   We live  on the  earth,  the material world which  is an expression of God’s will and activity.  God  is  constantly  working on the  earth which  we  all  see  for  ourselves.  we can also recognise a self-revelation of God in it. The visible creation bears witness to the existence of God, the Creator, as well as to His wisdom and power.  The heavens declare the glory of God.


The  Glory  of  God  is  writ large  on  the  face  of the universe. We  see it , feel it,  enjoy it , appreciate it and  get  puzzled by its  grandeur and  beauty  and  immediately say   no man  can  make  what  God  has  made. He  is  the  supreme maker, sculptor, artist, Protector.  God  is  invisible and  we  cannot  see Him but  God   has  shown   HIMSELF always  in His  Creation. Be it  making  and  shaping  of  human beings, animals,  flora  and  fauna, oceans, rivers, mountains, stars, galaxies, species etc, He reveals  Himself  inimitably  and  intimately.   
The  religious  books and  religious  People, The  spiritual  people,  the  elevated people  all have  pointed   out that God reveals Himself through His creations, and that all human beings should be able to recognise Him  because what may be known of God is manifest in them all.  The creation of the world  is His invisible attributes and   it  can  be  clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power. The  stamp  of  His  eternal  power  is  clearly  understood therein.
It  is  said  that  God  created human beings in his  own image. It  is  wrong to say  such  a silly thing.  Man  cannot be compared  to  God. God  does not look like  a  man  or  woman. God  does not  have  a  physical body whereas  a  man has  physical  body. Man is born and God  is not  born. Man dies, God  does not  die, therefore, God  did not  create  a man in His  own image. Any comparison  with  Him is  fallacious and  irrelevant. God  is  God  and  a man is man. But  there  is  eternal connection between the  two. God  being  Creator  of  man  is  the  eternal father   of   man.
The comparison  becomes  relevant  when  we say  God  is  our   soul father. God  is the Supreme  Soul and  man is a  soul only. But   all  people  think  they are   physical body only and  not  aware of  soul as   the  driver of the physical body.
On their own, human beings cannot perceive God’s being and nature or God’s reign and will. Nevertheless, God does not conceal Himself, but rather reveals Himself to mankind.
His revelation is a declaration of divine nature, divine truth, and divine will, and is to be seen as a sign of God’s love and care for mankind.
When there is   darkness   all around in the  world, when there are  pains and   miseries  for the  faithful, when  sins  abound  and  the  world becomes  a  nest of  outlaws, when  the  divinity is ruled by criminality, then God  reveals  Himself and  shows  His divine powers  to  eliminate  the wicked   and  to   establish  the  rule  of the  divine powers  and reestablishes  the   lost  paradise  on the  earth in its   pristine glory  and  grandeur.
When God  speaks  all  the wicked sounds  sleep when  God  reveals the  wicked  conceals. The  power of  the pure and  supreme rules.
At  that  time we  may speak of God’s “self-revelation”
we understand that God grants human beings insights into His nature. God thereby makes Himself known as the Creator of  paradise, as the Deliverer of Souls from sins and untruth and the Maker of the new creation. However, this revelation is not only a self-revelation and expression of the divine will, but also an encounter which God grants to we, human beings in word and grace.
God as the  Supreme Creator and Protector of  all the souls,  all the  natural things  of  the  world is the great leveler as  well he is such great glorious  power. The  Story of  His glory  cannot  be  written and  can only be experienced in the inner heart. It is beyond the human beings to comprehend Him fully and  as  such we can link  with Him through  purity, honesty, love, forgiveness,kindness and  to  love Him unconditionally.   




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