Problems of Indian Rupee- the flushing of Black Money

Indian Rupee  is not a problem.  Rupee has been converted into a problem by the  problematic people.   and  The problem people are  the  people with  problematic mind and  their  thought process is  also  problematic  jumbled  up and  selfish. They  are driven  by  the  selfishness and  engrossed  always   with the  thought of   making  money  in every  thing.  They  are never unselfish..  India  today  is   engulfed by such elements   from within and  from  outside. Such people  had  made  the life  a hell for  the ordinary  citizens  of  the country. Nothing  moves  much  without  their  consent. The ordinary citizens  are  paying   the high  price for their  misdeeds. The  cost of living   is  becoming  all the  more  treacherous.  The  high prices  of   grocery items continue  to  shock  every one. so is   the  cost of  real estate. Affordability  is beyond  the  reach of  common  man. The common  man  do not  figure in the good books  of These  conmen. Corruption and   Black money is  the cornerstone  of the Indian economy .  No work  is possible without  greasing  the  palms  of   the officials. All the  services are  paid  and  the concerned officials   do not  hesitate  to make  money  out  of  any job.  The politicians  are   maha  corrupt. These people  mint money  on the  strength of   power they   wield. The scene  is  very  troublesome  every where.
The    strategic strike   unleashed  by the  Prime Minister  Narender Modi is  nothing   less a bomb blast  on the  corrupt and  black money  holders. On the  night of  8th  of  November ,He   has  announced  the  crackdown on  black money  by banning the  existing Rs.500.00 and 1000.00 currency Notes which  are  thought   to be the  real  power  in the hands of  black money  holders  and  manipulators  of  the  economy  on  all  the  fronts. The  idea  of  crackdown on  high denomination notes is  to  purge the  country of corrupt and black money  holders and  make  them  surrender  the ill gotten  money  and   to make  them declare  it, pay taxes   and penalty on it  and face  the consequences as well. This policy  has been  widely appreciated by the  people  although they are facing  lot  of problems  in getting  the  life on rails after  facing  the  shortage of  small denomination currency. It is  going  to be highly beneficial in the  times  to  come  as  it  will  make   way for  the  use  of  plastic  money  and  cashless transactions.  Wish  this policy   all the success.

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