World is a stage

All The World’s A Stage

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. “  So said  the great   poet, wrtier  and philosopher Shakespeare in the script of his  play. AS YOU LIKE IT.

How  true  he  said., It  is exactly  the same.  The  life  of  a person  is  indeed  a  drama on the  world stage.  He  comes  in this  world, plays  his role   and  goes  away.  He  plays many roles  in his  stay on the  world  scene.

He  takes  birth.  How  small  is he! An Infant, kid  playing  in the  lap of  parents, brothers and sisters and all others who love him . Then School life. College life, married  life. Career life. Ups  and  downs and  what not.  He is in the  rut.  Old  life.  Dead life.  This    is the  story of  a  life.  He  is no more.   But the world  stays  there, drama  continues  to happen.

That is  why  Shakespeare  again remarked   

“The  life  is  a  tale   told by  an  idiot,  full of  sound  and  fury and signifying  nothing”, in Macbeth utters these lines after being told of his wife’s death.

 To truly understand them, you must look at them in the  right context. The full thought  of the   poet    is  to captured  in the  right  context to understand  it .


No one   has mastered   the life  like    his mistress.  Life  shows its ‘ eyebrow at  every turn.  It is  sometimes like  a  strange  bed fellows and  full of strange oaths and loathes  and  becomes  like  a beard of  the  fellow  who likes it sometimes and  dislikes  it  the  other time   and  cuts  it. 

Jealousy  in honor, sudden and quick  quarrels are  often the hall marks  of  life.,
Seeking the bubble reputation is  the  internal  and eternal  . He  wears  the life  like  a pantaloons and  throws it away. He  has  many stages and ages.

In the   last stage of life, he  becomes  full of wisdom  through personal experiences  and ultimately  goes into  eternity  sans everything.

The idea behind this phrase is  to describe  the fortune, misfortunes  and troubles  and  tribulations, sorrows and sufferings, ups and downs sans   happiness  and   the  whole  lot   of  his fate. This  famous theatrical metaphor of seven stages of human life  is  compared  to  the world to a play, or a stage and all men and women are merely actors or players on this stage called the world.

we  notice in our   daily life  that people love  to quote  this  phrase now  and  then  to  substantiate their  view points because   it   sounds very interesting and  conveys  spiritual  meaning and keeps  resonating  in my  mind. The stage  of   the  world   keeps  coming  and turning before  my eyes. Different  people  use  it  according  to their requirements, normally in  good and  bad  conditions being  faced  by them. 

My salute  to the  masters.


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