God and His Virtues

God  and  His  Attributes and  Virtues
God  is  called  the supreme  Soul  as  he  is  the  father  of  all  souls in the  world.   He is the “ONE”,  a  point   of   light, Supreme Authority lording over the universe.  He  is  the Creator  of the universe and  creator of  all the  souls in  the human body.  There are billions  of souls   on this earth created  by  the  supreme  soul.  These Souls keep coming  to the Physical world  and keep departing from here. The  person who departs from this   world never comes back.  This  is  called  the  journey of  Souls. He  goes for ever. If  such  a person ever comes he  will not  be recognizable as  the soul of  that body goes somewhere else  and  takes  a  new  body- a male  or  female.

The God is  eternal  and  immortal. He  never comes  here and  never goes  back. He  stays permanently  where  he   has stationed  himself – his  permanent   abode.
God is  a subtle energy, therefore,   no one  can  see  Him with  naked eyes. He  can be seen  with  the    third eye or  the inner  eyes. God   cannot   be seen  but  can  be    felt  very well within the heart and  mind and  can be realized by the  human beings. Human beings  can  realize God  after   developing  powers  of    the soul.  That  is  your  subconscious  mind. Your   subconscious   mind  is  your  soul.
God  is  beyond  the  cycle   of   birth  and death. He  does not  take birth neither   he dies.  He is immortal  and   is  eternal. His powers  never cease  to  operate at  any point  of  time. They continue to  flow  eternally and perennially.
Here  are  some  of    the  attributes of  God which  we normally  visualize  in our  daily  lives  and know  that  God   is like  this:
  1. He  is  incorporeal being
  2. He  is  ocean  of Love
  3. He is ocean  of Knowledge
  4. He is  ocean of Truth
  5. He is   the ocean of purity
  6. He is  the ocean of   bliss
  7. He is   ocean of  Peace
  8. He is   ocean of Power
  9. He  is  the  remover  all  the  sorrows  and suffering of the   human beings
  10. He has    the  supreme powers  to clear   all your   sins  and bad karma
From the  above,  it  can be explained  that the  God as  a supreme soul  is  always  loveful, knowledgeful,  truthful,  pure , blissful, peaceful and  powerful and  is  kind  and  benevolent.
He  grants  to  us  all  the  happiness, pleasures, joys , high  spirits and  abundance  of wealth etc.  and  removes  all  our sorrows and sufferings and  forgive  your sins. He  does not  take  note  of our small  time  misdeeds, faults, offences, and  transgressions  done in  good faith and  forgives the one  who pray to him for unconditional forgiveness.
God’s love  for  His  children,  is  unconditional   and unhindered, as He is  the creator of  all  the  souls and as  such  all the souls  are entitled  to receive  what   their father   has. So  God loves everyone equally, but  the  only difference is, which children are  simply worthy and  more worthy and less worthy according  to their  attachment with the father, means who is  more closer to his Father and naturally  the one  who  is more closer to the father  will be  the benefactor of his  attention  and  love.
God ,  as  almighty  Super  power,  Supreme  soul ,   is the  producer, director, writer and editor  of the  script of the  world  drama. As the script  of the drama has been written  by God alone  and he is  the only one  who  knows the  eternal story  of  the  whole world, the souls and the  cycles of life  and death and the  cycle of  the universe .  It  is known  to  the  human beings that  cycles of  ages  come and go  and   continue  to repeat but  they do not  know the  exact dates,  age and periodicity of the cycles  and  what happens in the  cycles of  these ages. This  is  eternal drama of  incidents and  happenings.
How  the  script  of  the  drama  unfolds, is known  to  its  writer  and  director only. Similarly, How  the  story  of  the    world  drama  unfolds , only  He knows and  he does not  share  his  secrets  with  any one else in the world.  Many People   in the   world  claim   to know the secrets  of  world  drama but   that is  only  self belief  or  only  a guess  and  whims and fancies. That  is  not  at all correct. However, they continue to portray  this  eternal story   of God  according  to their  wild  guesses among their  pupils.  It  goes  without  saying   that   It is  based  on their personal  perception  of  “as you perceive   so is the  world” or so is   the  thing perceived.
  He is also  the liberator   of  all   souls from  the  bondage   to vices, sins and  crimes, attachments and  selfishness.  He is  only one  who  dispels our   darkness from our lives,   darkness of mind  and heart and  brings  us to light  to show  us the  path of  truth  and knowledge and make  our life  worth living on this earth.
He  never  hesitates  to bestow   his mercy  and kindness  on us  if  we remember Him  with  pure  heart and  detached  feelings. and  bestows salvation on us,  the  sweet children  of  Him, the supreme soul.
Always remember  the virtues  of  God and  include these above written  affirmations while praying  to him, He  will definitely listen and respond to your  communications.




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