Our Soul is Pure and Majestic

Our  Soul is Pure and Majestic

In my last blog, I deliberated on  the  characteristics of the soul. Today  we will  see the virtues  of  the human soul.

As  we all know  the  soul is immortal, it is indivisible, indestructible and imperishable . I feel great pleasure and obligation  in writing on this topic and advise my fellow human beings, where ever they are, to let them know about soul and share with them  all, what I know about  soul. This topic is always new and will remain eternally new.

The Soul is  an active Force

The Soul is  an active and powerful energy that is why it is indivisible  and indestructible. It continues to flow  and it never ceases to flow  as its source is perennial. The  flow may become weak to an individual soul and consequently degenerates and loses its original sheen. The  perennial source of soul is Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is God. As God is the eternal source of all the energies in the universe or all the universes, the source of power never dries.

The Virtues of Soul

The original nature  of  The Soul is purity, peace, love, happiness and truth. The Soul is  pure because of its original basic virtues or we can say it is pure when the basic virtues  are intact and are on display in its daily functions. We can, therefore,  say or can see  the  qualities of the   Soul. It is being eternally Peaceful, it is eternally truthful and blissful, it is  knowledge full, it is eternally  kind, it is co-operative and it is eternally loving and affectionate. Having these supreme qualities, make  a Soul  great  and graceful.

Our  Soul is Pure and Majestic

Pure soul means when the soul is not under the influence of  any material energy of this material world. Instead the soul is back in its original virtuous  position of a Spiritual Being which has an eternal relationship with God.

You may have come across such a soul  in your own journey of life. Some times we do come across such a soul and we can’t do without having been impressed with that soul. May  be that  soul is sweet, innocent, vice-less, virtuous, Holy, spiritually elevated, having heavenly aura or many more virtues which are not found  in anyone else. Such a soul leaves an indelible mark on our own soul. Such  a soul I think is pure soul.

How beautiful is  that, a pure soul! Oh God, can we become pure and elevated souls. Like the above one.

Why that Soul was like that

That pure soul was like that because it was fully charged by the Supreme Soul and was active, displaying all the original virtues of the  soul as given by the supreme soul. That soul was spreading the message of the God with  its Sweetness: Sweet impressions through sweet utterances, sweet behavior and fine actions and originality on display. The originality always impresses. So is this Soul.

It will be worthwhile  to  read here that a  pure soul resides in a pure body. It is  difficult  to obtain a pure body so that soul remains pure.  If obtained it is again hard work to keep it Pure and unpolluted. A pure Soul can only stay in a Pure Body. An unpolluted human body,  is a pure Human body. It may be difficult to stay pure but not impossible. What a wonderful  scene is that!

Why the Soul degenerates

The energy of Soul  is in constant use. It uses the body to perform its  various functions and uses the stored energy.  With constant use it gets depleted of that  energy and   degenerates due to various vices it acquired with the passage of time. The vices, when overcome  the soul and it continues  to be in that state, may for  one birth or may be for more births. (As we know the human soul does not transmigrate, that is it does not take birth in animal kingdom or in any other  realm but remain in Human realm).

What it has come to prove that Soul wants to return to its original nature and re-acquire and regain  the lost virtues but there is no way for  it, to come out of it,  on its own. A degenerated soul is  powerless  and helpless. It  can be compared to car battery which become depleted with constant  use, overuse and wear and tear.  The wear and tear of the soul is slow and takes many births. It continues to carry the original virtues with it  in the next birth, Which as you know why, as I  have explained in my previous blogs.

It  is absolutely heartening  to learn that  soul is rechargeable. When recharged with pure current it regains   its original nature and virtues.

The majority of people are not even aware of the fact that we souls are rechargeable.

The Soul is rechargeable and  How to do it

As   indivisible, indestructible and imperishable it is , you can recharge your depleted  battery  of the soul  after connecting  with  the original source of power. The original source  of power t is The Supreme soul-God. The point  of  light, The powerful and the omnipotent power,  is the eternal source of power and current. A current- less soul is almost dead and fully dead soul is called deeply discharged.

A deeply discharged soul requires longer to revive and regain the  power. So a proper and  tight connection with  that supreme power pack can recharge your depleted soul with his high voltage current and if your connection is lose, the current will leak and take a long time  to recharge. A leaking current can spill over to other areas and may cause harm. So the connection should be  leak proof, firm and tight.

In this way a degenerated and depleted soul can be recharged. It is Do-It-Yourself formula and you can become master  of the game with practice. Wish you all the best!

The Soul is Blissful

A pure soul is blissful as well. To experience the bliss of pure soul it is must that the human body is pure , please have  a look at your present state of soul and body. Your soul, (if), is totally degenerated and has become foul by doing filthy things in daily life. You need to rechargve the soul.

All of us including me, are engaged in dirty activities day in and day out  to eke out our living and just imagine  what do you do  to make it big in life. Every one is  not lucky so as  to born with a silver spoon in their mouth. So the logic is to employ all the dirty tricks in our mind to achieve our goals. We don’t mind achieving it with hook and crook.

You become successful and very happy, Isn’t it? What about  the God? Was He happy with your methodology. You will simply brush that  under the carpet with the remarks, who cares or where is God who has seen it, something like  that. It’s Ok. As  I have told you every thing you do is being recorded. The video of your deeds is very crystal clearly recorded by soul without any editing. And this video will be rewinded and replayed in your very presence over there and you will have no defence. No lawyer there to defend you with his false  and fabricated evidence. Only Truth will be shown and  the truth will prevail, The judgment on you is  quick and clean. There will be no postponements  of hearing, no excuses. There are only two things. Supreme Soul and  you, the Soul. How do you  feel before Him. Supreme soul will not be as  you visualize Him today. He is there as a judge and  to order punishments on you or may be rewards if  you have passed with honour. To pass  with honour, in the first ranks, you can now or today, at this very moment, can find  out  how much hard and pious work you have done to achieve that position.

You will be reading many new things  here in my articles, which you may not  have heard at all. But these are not new things but knowledge was not there. The Knowledge given was either from this Book or from that Book or some  other literature written by people, who became Holy by  and by with the passage  of time. That is  why knowledge  is incomplete. Bear in my mind that  any knowledge other  than given by  God Himself,  is incomplete. And using and doing things according to that knowledge, will not be that much effective and helpful and will not connect you properly with the ultimate authority.  You may get  benefits as you are also in remembrance of the God and it  has the capacity to  take you there, may be at  the last benches  or  the last rows of the golden tent or  you can be asked  to sit outside or may be treated like a stranger and few bits of left over may be given to eat. Such can be  the position of yours but not necessarily exactly  that. Depends on your  own efforts.

Our soul is like a twinkling Star

Our soul is like a twinkling Star in the middle of  our forehead and residing there it  sees the world and  your actions.

Our soul is like the valuable precious diamond. It  is eternal diamond. As We also know, the devil is always on the look out  to steal it, grab it, capture it and  ruin it. The devil is  in league  with lust ,greed and attachments to make  the diamond cut into pieces and make it dust. If  the devil succeeds what will happen and what has  already happened, we are well aware. I do not need to explain it yet. The  explanations on this  are massive which  we  will  focus on in coming  texts.

However, a little thought is suffice to say  that devil has succeeded to  large extent not, in toto, to make the  world a complete Hell  and rule over it. This is the part in the World drama. As the drama unfolds, the old weird world will vanish to give place to  the new and wonderful pure world. Just wait.

The souls are  like angels on earth

Souls  are like  angles, pure  and  majestic.  Soul  manifests  its  virtues  when it is   in  young  body. look  at  the  children.  You will  observe  the  tender  qualities  of the soul.  No one  teaches   love  to that  soul.  that  is natural. So innate, so inbuilt. The souls are  like angels on earth, as  all the children are angels. How wonderful it is  to adorn a child of small age  who not yet learn to speak and walk. How much we love him. That is the pure soul.

we  understand what it is like  to be the child of God. To be children of God, oh, what a dignity! , No evil, no malice, no fear at that stage.

As stated above,  the   soul is rechargeable. When recharged with pure current  from the Almighty  source, it obtains  its original nature. But how  to  obtain  that pure current  is not a child’s play. It requires hard work. You have to remember only One God and His Angels and other than this there is no need to wash the feet(dirty) of  any other living priest, Gurus and so called saintly figures and drink that water. Let me  warn you that  the moment you indulge in such rituals, it makes you totally impure.


We do not  understand the language of the Supreme Soul, the  Lord of the Soul, mind, intellect and body, who is constantly in touch  with the  soul and  says to it, “Notwithstanding thy misery, I wish to see you  near Me, that beautiful soul which I created for Myself. I made it so great, that nothing can fill it with but Myself. I made it so pure, that nothing else but My current can nourish it. ”

We can also become Pure souls by praising and imbibing the lord, the supreme soul and cleansing  our  souls  of  all impurities which  have creeped  in due  to our materialistic  pursuits. The cleansing of  soul  should be  preceded by the cleansing  of the  hearts, your  own  heart, our actions and  your own actions and  our consciousness. The purity of  thought and  practicing of pure thoughts  in daily action, of daily routine life. It  should  be way of life and not  a deliberate and pre meditated action.

Soul wants to carry on with the  its pure virtues but the body goes contrary and takes faulty and filthy  route in the world  and becomes impure. The Soul wants to perform as per the will of  the Supreme but it is not able to work according  to the  original charter written by the Supreme Soul. Recharge, Become Pure, Live Pure. And wait for the good News.

God Bless you all, My dear fellow human beings.

Do not hesitate to apprise me,if you like to say something?.


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